• Go over actions from last meeting
  • QA: How do we want to structure QA for big.LITTLE requirements?
  • Single view to blueprints, bugs, cards, etc: ACTION dzin
  • Who is responsible to clean up the spc code and move it to a proper location, Linaro or ARM (From spreadsheet 7.1)
  • Verification of TC2 firmware patch from the Connect Silver Service on TC2 and bL IKS.
  • Around the table: Accomplishments, Plans, any Issues
  • Technical discussion

Action From Last Meeting

  • Copy actions from last meeting here

Action From This Meeting

  • Record actions from this meeting


  • Record any issue raised in this meeting and communicate with TL and PM.

Meeting Minutes

  • Assign someone to record major items from this meeting

IRC log

 * if meeting was on IRC

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