- Amit: when you switch from big to LITTLE, the latency to get into states changes: big vs little. There is nothing currently available that will allow to update the info. Would be useful feedback to add to next gen of cpuidle. Idea of "insert and remove idle states" from the tables. Could a notifyer handle this for cpuidle?

- Dave M: yes, this is a plausible solution.

- issue: total amount of time residing on a certain cluster. Switching back and forth, firing several notifyers.

- needs more discussion.

- Paul M: One initial approach would be to treat big.LITTLE switching the same as frequency changes are currently treated.

- Lorenzo: Also coupled C-states and IKS (in kernel switcher) does not get on very well. coupled C-states does not expect the coupling of CPUs to change at run-time because the coupling is based on logical cpus. We must address this sooner than later.

- Changes to the core code and must be justified.
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