Meeting 2011-09-08


  1. Joey (note taker)
  2. Vicky
  3. Ilias
  4. Fathi
  5. Anmar
  6. Asac
  7. David Z
  8. Mounir


  • David - Infrastructure Stakeholder Meeting
  • Asac - Feedback on monthly releases,Post-mortems, how much time do we need for PM deliverables

Actions from this meeting



Assigned to

PMs read through the Monthly Views (in minutes) and provide feedback to David Z.

16 Sept



  • David talked about the Infrastructure Stakeholder Meeting.

    • Asac mentioned that he's heard some PMs having difficulty tracking items with the current views in status.l.o
    • Summary: get one page where you can get the team view for a month. At the moment there are several pages you have to look at.
  • Alexander
    • How are monthly releases going for you? Any problems?
      • Vicky - defer to others
      • Ilias
        • Planning: varied feeling. The planning page could have been done faster in many cases. I'm going to spend 1 or 2 meetings with my teams to figure out what's going to happen in the future month.
        • Headlines & acceptance: I've had to go back a few times to the team to refactor this. It would be nice to have a template for this.

        • Naming BPs: We need to ensure our BPs are appropriately names. In the past we've taken some shortcuts.
        • Work is happening. We just need to be more efficient.
        • We need to get better breaking down the work into a one month period.
      • Fathi
        • Need to work on the schedule
      • Anmar - no major feedback. Just continue to improve. LTs are committed to making the monthly releases better.
        • asac asked a question about improving the LTs but it was agreed to take it offline.
      • David
      • Mounir
        • In general it's good and I see it working fine in the future. Currently we're going through growing pains.
        • The good thing is that we have TL buy in.
        • We still have some TRs, BPs, and WI from the old 6 month cycle that we're trying to finish up.
        • The prediction of whether a deliverable can happen in this month or not is difficult. There is no guarantee because of the dependency upon the upstreams. We're struggling with this uncertainty
        • RM is helping with this
    • asac
      • How we run the process is being written down by Fathi
      • The planning report could be coming up with the headlines and key deliverables. We need this to identify what items we're going to do PR on.
    • Mounir
      • some confusion around the headlines.
      • asac - we need to provide some guidance here. The headline should be short and a quick summary of what the overall effort is delivering. If we have the form in the right way then it should be consumable by the TSC member without looking at the work item list.
    • Joey
      • Some TLs have issues with a monthly PPR call.
      • Asac - if we do a good job with the planning report then we should not need one.
    • asac
      • Does anyone feel like having a post-mortem is too much at once?
      • Mounir - by the time we finish a post-mortem most teams will be half-way through the next release
      • asac - we should do a leisurely call right after the release
      • Mounir - we try not to add more meetings to the TLs and just handle items during the already set weekly meeting.
      • asac - post-mortem doesn't need to be on the same strict schedule as the plan. Please work with David to help refine that.
      • asac - how can we document and improve these core activities? In an email last week I suggested we use a BP for that. Each PM gets a BP for a post-mortem.
        • Pilot with Ilias and Mounir. Fathi will work with you on Planning and David on post-mortem.

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