Meeting 2011-06-23


  1. Joey
  2. Mounir
  3. Ilias
  4. Fathi
  5. asac
  6. Anmar
  7. Vicky
  8. Usman


  • Review Monthly presentation and answer questions

Actions from this meeting


Talk with Vicky & Usman about how monthly will work for LTs


Write up how things work today for his groups with the ultimate destination being the wiki


  • Mounir
    • Things will be a bit of a juggling act until things settle down
    • Will likely make the WI a BP and make TR dependent upon this new BP for the release & notes

    • Created customized naming conventions for TC, Kernel, and Power.
  • Ilias
  • asac thinks a generic landing team project would be helpful to capture all of the items we want to deliver each month. (e.g. a generic TI project).
    • a bit of discussion about what we're providing to the public in terms of downloads
    • Anmar thinks the LT could do this but thinks the LT needs 2 or 3 cycles to settle down before doing this.
    • Does the LT want to release monthly components for platform to consume?
    • Should these be tarballs like the WGs?
  • asac thinks Ilias and Mounir are working with teams that are closely aligned with the monthly concept
  • Discussion about testing everything
  • asac thinks that if the LP milestone page looks nice it will be a great learning tool
  • Discussion about uptake and learning curve

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