There's Kanbantool, Papyrs, status.linaro.org and Launchpad. What do we use each tool for?

The intention is that for most uses, status.linaro.org is the entry point, the place where you go first. It will give status and delivery information for lanes, cards, teams and individuals. As for the other tools:

  • Kanbantool is meant to capture the actual roadmap -- in other words, what cards live in what lanes. This should only ever be used by the PMC, though the read-only view at http://roadmap.linaro.org/ is designed for public viewing.

  • Papyrs is meant to capture the text and attachments of the requirements, and comments added by reviewers. It's most likely to be used by the TSC members, tech leads and card sponsors.
  • Launchpad is meant to capture blueprints and work items that track the implementation plan and delivery. It's meant to be used by engineers, tech leads and project managers.

Where do we visualize delivery of the cards on the roadmap?

Each lane has a view on status.linaro.org (s.l.o) that presents a summary view of all the cards. For instance:

That view should show a summary of the overall delivery of the cards, with an indicator of the blueprint heath check.

Each card has a view on s.l.o as well, which is linked from the list in the lane pages above. For instance:

That page should show a summary of the card content and link to the actual document (in Papyrs) and its blueprints (in Launchpad).

Do we have cycle burndowns on status.linaro.org

XXX: we currently don't; we should have a monthly burndown, however, to show progress towards our monthly deliverables. Given milestones are aligned to our monthly releases, this is just a milestone burndown. XXX: what URL for that?

How do I get back from Papyrs to status.linaro.org's card view?

XXX: you currently can't. Once the URLs are fixed, we should have a backlink in the card. XXX - Joey: You can't and it's by design. People will not randomly surf around Payprs and look for backlinks. We want everyone to use status.linaro.org as the starting point.

How do we visualize delivery of all cards in any lane on the roadmap

XXX: We're not sure yet. We could have the default view on status.linaro.org render all lanes with cards represented under them, but the page would become very long and the order might be confusing.


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