This page covers steps, tools and generally processes to instantiate a new project (using a "project kit").





  • Linaro programme managers: Anmar Oueja, Vicky Janicki, Loïc Minier
  • ARM programme managers: Dave Dexter, Mark Bowler

Project creation

Owner: any Linaro programme manager

  • owner approves creation of a new project
  • owner selects a project code name, e.g. a lowercased town name such as "cambourne"
  • project is identified as 100% public or as at least partially private (needs to hold some private information)
  • owner creates Launchpad team either as public or private /!\ this can't be changed later on

    • (optional) for private projects, owner requests new ACL to Canonical IS for private wiki pages
  • (optional) owner creates project mailing-list with the Launchpad team
  • (optional) owner creates Launchpad project for bug tracking iif there is a dedicated code base for the project (e.g. specific git tree, bzr branch, tarball drops or anything which isn't covered by existing projects such as gcc-linaro or linux-linaro)
  • (optional) owner creates wiki pages for project either under public or private space
    • use ProjectTemplate wiki page as a template for the wiki page

    • list links to project resources in the wiki page
  • owner creates shared project area
    • for ARM private projects, owner creates new Microsoft SharePoint area for the project

      • ARM programme managers need to be informed of the project area creation and who the Linaro and ARM Project Manager and Tech Lead are that will administer the access control
    • for public projects, owner creates shared Google docs folder
    • owner names project area after the project codename
    • owner gives read/write access to project leads (project managers and tech leads)
  • owner copies project plan template, test plan template and project status template into project folder

Project kickstart

Owner: project leads (project managers and tech leads)

  • inputs: minimal viable scope (rough backlog, or laundry list of things to look at first), list of stakeholders to involve in the kick-off
  • owner setups a project kickoff meeting (face-to-face, hangout, phone call, whatever)
  • owner adds minutes and actions of the project kickoff meeting to the project status document

Project status meetings

Owner: project leads (project managers and tech leads)

  • owner setup daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly project status calls (face-to-face, hangout, phone call, whatever)
  • owner reviews actions, open bugs and upcoming milestones in status calls
  • owner adds minutes and updates actions of the project meetings to the project status document
  • owner sends project status document to the mailing-list
  • owner updates cards with status and progress information in the engineering status update field

Project TSC approval

Owner: Linaro project leads (project managers and tech leads)

  • owner creates new cards based on project milestones, dependencies, and goals and based on Linaro iterations, Connect discussions etc.
  • owner sends cards to OPSCOM which will comment and/or setup TSC review
  • at the end of iterations, owner closes out card and sends them to OPSCOM for comment and TSC review

Project closure

Owner: Linaro project leads (project managers and tech leads)

No particular action to take?

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