Engineering Blueprint Naming

Engineering Blueprints don't have to follow any naming convention.

Blueprints for Scheduling Sessions at UDS/Connect

The name of a blueprint is very important as it affects how your session will appear in the scheduling tool at UDS. The format is:

  • linaro-<track>-<cycle>-<topic>

and *must* be less than 50 characters long

The set of tracks for Connect Q1.12 are

  • linaro-platforms-q112-
  • linaro-members-q112-
  • linaro-general-q112-
  • linaro-gfxmm-q112-
  • linaro-hackfest-q112-
  • linaro-kernel-q112-
  • linaro-power-q112-
  • linaro-toolchain-q112-
  • linaro-training-q112-
  • linaro-validation-q112-

An example for a hackfest would be: linaro-hackfest-q112-tool-octo-1

More examples can be seen on the Connect Q1.12 page

If you have a question on the naming, contact the Engineering Resources team and they can help you determine the best approach.

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