Blueprint Implementation Workflow

launchpad screenshot Normally the implementation work flow can go like the following:

The blueprint is initially in the Unknown state. It can then move to 4 other states:

  1. Blocked - cannot proceed or dependent on another blueprint

  2. Need infrastructure - h/w, database, etc...

  3. Deferred - cannot be handled in this release

  4. Started - every thing is right, the implementation is proceeding

From the Started state a blueprint state can be updated to show the current implementation progress before it moves to Beta testing:

  1. Progress
    1. Slow progress - raise a flag may be delayed

    2. Good progress - most likely will meet the dates

  2. Beta - code is written and feature is in Beta testing

  3. Need code review - Beta has gone well need to review it

  4. Deployment - code implements the proposed functionality and is ready to be deployed in aproduction environment


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