Fathi remembered us that we are not doing the weekly reports. I (Antonio) took some notes during the meeting, and I am putting them here, but we should have proper weekly reports.


Vincenzo will post some eemc's to Dave in a couple weeks (probably during of right after Connect). He will start a blueprint to track this work. Dave's idea is to investigate how to get LAVA to use the eemc's.

Dave's lab update

  • problem with missing instance image - Dave found a workaround by hacking the database.
  • we now have a new cloud compute node (lava-cloud-04)
  • we now have more vcpus to allocate from
  • and now we have a new fastmodelsv8 instance

Dave found out that when you reboot the control node, the cloud needs ~1 hours (with our 5-node cloud) tp start working again. If a bigger cloud, it's even worse. :-/


Lost quite some time getting Panda to work. It's a weird problem: u-boot works, and boots. But Linux does not detect the SD card at all. Sample boot log: https://pastebin.linaro.org/1007/ . Tried different SD cards, different SD card readers (the laptop one and an external one), and several different images: 11.12, 12.03, 12.09, all with the same result. Dave and Vincenzo gave some suggestions on how to try to debug this. Will try them out.

Later in the week I made the merge proposals for the device version support. They were already reviewed by Michael, and I should finish this today or in the worst case, monday.


Fathi remembered of weekly reports - we need to have them!

Asked about whether the "Improve User Experience When Not Logged In" BP would still be worked on for this cycle. Antonio said was delayed by the board problems, but should work on this, probably during the entire next week.

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