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This page is being re-factored. Most of the old content has been moved to LAVA


  • Actions from last meeting - Tech Lead chasing
  • Review activity reports - All team members
  • Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Work Item progress and team issues discussion - Tech Lead and Project Manager questions to the team
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • Last weeks action items to discuss.

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

Spring Zhang (springz)


  • Update dispatcher document to 11.12.
  • Fix Bug #905457 in LAVA Dispatcher: "lava_test_install does not detect install failure"
  • Validation farm jobs experienced license and download not complete issue.


  • Continue drafting board healthy page on server.
  • Fix bugs in lava-dispatcher
  • Find out why lava-test-install fail in recent jobs.
  • Tune CI tasks.
  • Try installing latest lava-dashboard in virtual env but struggle with obscure issues between real installation and a user development one. -- plan to find why

Issues & Absence

  • Continue on integrate tjbench to lava-test -- pending, wait for feedback from MM team. Already ping Rony and he will discuss in MM team.

Your Name <irc nick>


  • Short bullet points of work you've done that week which convey progress and highlights which can be used to report on how the team is progressing as a whole.


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).


  • Your individual plans for the coming week(s).

IRC logs

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