17th January 2011

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  • plars
  • zyga
  • springz


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plars to help springz with serial connection issues



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Meeting opened by plars at 14:03


  • <plars> [TOPIC] Actions from previous meeting

Actions from previous meeting

  • <plars> Don't think we had any that I logged

    <plars> unless there was going to be further looking at ruote, but it sounded like no

    <plars> zyga, robtaylor ?

    <zyga> plars, you're correct, not anytime soon

    <plars> ok

    <plars> from what I've seen of the pieces you've been working on, and from what I've been hacking on locally, I don't think it will be needed

    <plars> [TOPIC] Work item progress

Work item progress


  • <plars> hmm?

    <zyga> hmmmm

    <plars> I crossed off a few items from my list

    <zyga> plars, I'd take the action off updating my blueprints

    <zyga> plars, and you should bang me on the head every day :/

    <zyga> sorry

    <springz> plars, I see the status of validation, it will trace the blueprint automatically?

    <plars> AH, that's what it was I was supposed to do

    <zyga> plars, what should I do with work items that I'm not working on right now because we're focusing on lava?

    <plars> springz: ah, right

    <plars> springz: sorry, should have explained this in more detail, didn't know you hadn't seen this through mentors or something

    <plars> springz: so you know the work items on the whiteboard of your blueprint?

    <springz> plars, sure

    <plars> springz: it will probably have ":TODO" at the end of them

    <plars> springz: when you are working on one actively, you can change it to ": INPROGRESS", or ": DONE" when it is complete

    <springz> plars, got it, I just want to know if it is auto

    <plars> there are tools that the infrastructure team has been working on to track these, and update the status page automatically

    <plars> springz: all you have to do is change the status on your whiteboard

    <plars> springz: so as things are done, mark them as such

    <springz> plars, so if I add a new item, it will update also

    <plars> springz: yes, but it will increase our not-done work when you do that

    <springz> plars, ok

    <plars> springz: if you have to add something, that's fine, but don't go adding 10+ items without talking to me first please

    <plars> sometimes, it's necessary, sometimes it's better to rephrase or replace existing ones

    <plars> springz: but we want to try to be knocking out several of these work items every day/week as possible

    <plars> our burndown was kind of skewed due to the fact the team didn't start at the beginning of the cycle, so our work items didn't materialize until quite a ways in

    <zyga> plars, (please help me get my work items into shape)

    <plars> but we still should be able to see it stabilize at some height (which we do) and start to trend downwards as we get things done (which we don't - much)

    <plars> zyga: ok, ping me later and we'll discuss

    <zyga> ok

    <springz> plars, ok, but it include long-term items? to 11.11 and further

    <plars> springz: no

    <plars> springz: just this cycle

    <plars> springz: if there is something in your blueprint that you *know* cannot be done this cycle, you can mark it POSTPONED

    <plars> at the end, we'll need to review any postponed items to see if they still make sense to do, and push them into the work for next cycle on a new blueprint

    <springz> plars, ok, can I modify some item to other content?

    <plars> springz: yes

    <plars> ok, moving on

    <plars> [TOPIC] Brief Progress

Brief Progress

  • <plars> I can go first this time

    <plars> code reviews, misc fixes in abrek, and in the lava code running in hudson right now to get daily builds back on track after a change in offsets in l-m-c

    <plars> and speaking of hudson...

    <plars> [LINK] http://validation.linaro.org/jenkins


  • <plars> new link, as jenkins is the replacement/upgrade path for hudson

    <zyga> aww call

    <zyga> dropped

    <zyga> ok

    <plars> also, I added a job for tracking changes to qemu-linaro in bzr, and building every time it changes

    <plars> will try to add boot of a known-good image to that this week

    <plars> (can't use current one, because there are known issues with qemu and current images still)

    <springz> plars, is the test case boot up the board now

    <springz> plars, in the link you sent

    <plars> springz: for panda and beaglexm, yes

    <plars> springz: it creates the images and boots them daily

    <plars> springz: you'll see panda is failing, that started yesterday, and I filed a bug on it

    <plars> also, weekly testing on overo/panda, and more debugging/testing with the panda shutdown problem

    <plars> springz: can you go next?

    <springz> plars, sure

    <springz> catch up the progress of team on LAVA, read the code pushed in lp:lava

    <springz> do a 0210 weekly test on mx51

    <plars> thanks for that by the way

    <springz> setup a conmux server for dispatcher development environment

    <springz> but still have some tweak on it, encounter some problems when controlling serial port

    <plars> are you using cu?

    <springz> plars, I tried cu, but I can't send the command directly, like 'ls'

    <zyga> cu

    <zyga> ?

    <plars> why not?

    <springz> I try cu, but it need to use "~|"

    <plars> have you tried attaching with cu, but not going through conmux?

    <springz> zyga, a command

    <springz> zyga, you can install it

    <zyga> oh, got it

    <springz> plars, do I need to send the command beginning with "~|", then the command?

    <plars> springz: no

    <plars> springz: ~| is just for taking input from the remote system to run a command locally I think

    <plars> springz: cu, if it attaches properly, should just give you a pretty raw serial console into the box

    <plars> springz: do you see it boot when attached with cu?

    <plars> springz: try something like cu -l ttyUSB0 -s 115200

    <springz> plars, yes, but I can't send commands

    <plars> and shut down conmux first of course

    <springz> springz, or there is no response, so I am debugging it

    <plars> springz: does it work with other things, like screen?

    <springz> plars, yes, that command

    <springz> plars, no, only the "cat" is ok

    <plars> oh, so cat works?

    <plars> that doesn't make sense

    <springz> yes

    <plars> ok, we can discuss more later

    <plars> [ACTION] plars to help springz with serial connection issues

plars to help springz with serial connection issues

  • <springz> plars application console 'cat' '/bin/cat'

    <springz> ok

    <plars> zyga: you're up

    <zyga> plars, ok

    <zyga> so I abandoned l-c and focused on lava this time

    <zyga> I started my own branch with a fancy name and started prototyping things

    <zyga> I did not focus on blueprints that much, I wanted to technically design the system in my head this time around so I'm sure it's sane and can be implemented

    <zyga> later on I read a few blueprints to check how that relates to my imagination

    <zyga> I started working on serial monitor and spent some time fiddling with various approaches, I stopped working on this for a moment (my goal was to have a daemon that oversees a single device and notices when it reboots, gets past uboot and gets past kernel booting)

    <zyga> I also experimented with pika (the ampq tookit) and kombu a higher level version of the same toolkit

    <plars> zyga: neither of those are in the archive are they

    <zyga> my branch so far seems to have some boilerplate code and some initial interfaces, I wanted to talk with sprint and mirsad about that

    <springz> zyga, kombu, same with pika on RabbitMQ?

    <zyga> plars, no, I can push them to junk if you want, they are not working as I wanted

    <zyga> springz, yes, kombu has a nice Queue interface that looks just like Queue.Queue() from stdlib

    <plars> zyga: there are some python ampq libs that are, have you worked with them?

    <zyga> springz, the issue with that is I wanted to be able to wake up on a socket when we get a new message

    <plars> s/ampq/amqp

    <zyga> plars, yes, they are the low-level interface kombu and pika is where you want to start to work with

    <zyga> springz, I had some issues when either my monitor process was spinning or was not waking up when a command was added to the queue

    <zyga> springz, I resolved that (poorly) by waking up every second to check but I hate that solution

    <springz> zyga, ah

    <zyga> I also spent a day looking at a twisted based amqp toolkit that would solve this properly

    <zyga> but I don't think that's so important so after playing with twisted for a few hours I started doing other things

    <zyga> lastly I'm working on running abrek tests, processing them and sending them to the dashboard while talking to a simple ubuntu box (so it implements just one interface, remote shell command)

    <zyga> I'll push a few ideas about the API for the dispatcher, jobs and actions today

    <plars> simple, but highly useful

    <zyga> that's it for me

    <plars> thanks

    <plars> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <plars> anything to add here?

    <zyga> ubuntu one is going to work better thanks to my morning today ;-)

    <plars> oh?

    <zyga> :D

    <zyga> offtopic but I debugged throttling issues, adsl issues and a few other quirks

    <plars> this was part of your investigations for amqp, etc?

    <zyga> u1 team is nice to work with :-)

    <plars> cool

    <zyga> no, a side effect of ripping a CD that killed my whole internet so I noticed :-)

    <plars> ah

    <zyga> I filed 5 bugs about it

    <plars> anything else?

    <zyga> nope

    <springz> I saw the liblava/client.py, do we need to summary the similar serial control routines together, for other app can use it, also dispatcher

    <zyga> phone

    <zyga> bbl

    <plars> the dispatcher can use that directly

    <plars> springz: I'm not sure I understand the question

    <springz> plars, ok, I can call the routine in it

    <plars> springz: that gives you an interface to specify a client (as known by conmux) and it will give you back something you can use to talk to the serial console

    <plars> springz: if you want to see some example usage, take a look at the magma-chamber branch, which is our scaffolding to get daily image testing up and running in jenkins

    <springz> plars, I tried some code in it, works

    <plars> springz: a driver in the overwatch portion that zyga has been working on, could also use it to send commands, etc. to a board

    <plars> ok, good

    <springz> plars, is there new blueprint zyga working on?

    <plars> qatracker hasn't updated yet with daily testing for today, but please continue to track this and run tests on boards you have available.

    <plars> springz: no, it's part of the existing lava blueprints

    <springz> plars, daily test?

    <plars> springz: weekly

    <plars> sorry

    <plars> springz: if you are not already, you can subscribe yourself to the tests you want to monitor, and it will send you email when a new one goes up

    <springz> plars, yes, I see weekly available on qatracker from 0210

    <springz> plars, ok

    <plars> springz: right, the new one for today is not up yet, but should be later I think

    <plars> ok, anyone else?

    <springz> plars, nope

    <plars> ok, talk to you all later

    <plars> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 14:41

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