3rd January 2011

People Present

  1. robtaylor
  2. zyga
  3. plars
  4. mirsad
  5. iansmith


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  • Brief Progress
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take a look at ruote and see if it would be useful


zyga, robtaylor

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Meeting opened by plars at 14:05

Actions from previous meeting (https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Validation/Meetings/2011-01-27)

  • <plars> looks like none

    <plars> [TOPIC] Brief Progress

Brief Progress

  • <plars> mirsad: Would you like to go first? I know you have a hard stop in 20 min. or so

    <mirsad> yes, thanks!

    <mirsad> it is not much, finalized first version of scheduler blueprint

    <mirsad> sent it for review

    <mirsad> done some minor dispatcher review

    <mirsad> and that's it - still no code, paul :(

    <plars> ok, I gave it a quick glance, but I need to spend some time looking at it

    <plars> would appreciate if others could take a look as well

    <zyga> I _promise_ to look at all blueprints on Monday, I'll be a lava golem since Monday

    <plars> we don't have everyone here today, so it may be quicker meeting today :)

    <plars> oooo, cool

    <mirsad> zyga, be mean :)

    <zyga> mean?

    <zyga> I can be mean

    <plars> zyga: would you like to go now?

    <zyga> do you really want me to ? :]

    <mirsad> zyga, love that

    <zyga> plars, sure, I'm still working on l-c, as we discussed earlier I'm trying to wrap things up - I'm currently merging deepti's branches - should be all done today.

    <zyga> I will still want to hack the generic benchmark view and ship 0.3 alpha 1

    <zyga> I'm going to start hacking lava next week so you can probably expect code merges and my annoying design decisions ;-)

    <zyga> and I'll use JSON for sure; -)

    <plars> It looks like that's the direction it's heading anyway, we just need to formalize it for the spec

    <plars> and so long as we don't do something silly like requiring floating point numbers instead of strings...

    <plars> :)

    <zyga> I did not hear that ;-)

    <plars> haha

    <plars> ok

    <zyga> but yeah, I want to make sure it actually works

    <plars> anything else to add?

    <zyga> mmm,

    <zyga> not of the top of my head

    <plars> Hi iansmith

    <plars> we started without you

    <plars> sorry

    <plars> my turn


  • <plars> http://validation.linaro.org/hudson

    <plars> I added a few things there this week

    <iansmith> plars: Sorry - I thought no-one was replying to my questions!

    <iansmith> plars: It seems I had been disconnected!

    <plars> We now have a job to create images (combine hwpack+rootfs) for headless and boot them on beaglexm and panda

    <plars> we should be getting some new boards in there soon too

    <plars> so expect others to show up as that happens

    <zyga> yay, that's awesome! :)

    <plars> lp:~pwlars/lava/magma-chamber

    <plars> is my branch for stuff that I'm working on for this, and experimental stuff for lava

    <plars> some of it will be things that we certainly want to cherry-pick and push into lava

    <plars> some of it will be temporary scaffolding to just "make it work" until we have a better solution

    <plars> some of it will be total garbage

    <plars> don't say I didn't warn you

    <plars> but please feel free to take a look, it's what I'm using for the scripts to deploy and boot

    <zyga> does everyone have access to those scripts?

    <plars> there are a couple of things not checked in yet, such as the master image side scripts, they are pretty basic but should go there anyway

    <plars> zyga: sure, it's a public branch

    <robtaylor> plars: I took a look, and it looks pretty good to me. not a lot but does the job.

    <iansmith> plars: I think we need to be careful about the names and analogies - one day it may bite us ;-)

    <zyga> ok

    <zyga> iansmith, if another volcano blocks UDS it's not going to be our fault ;-)

    <iansmith> he he!

    <plars> heh

    <plars> also

    <plars> we have equipment on order to expand the lab, which will probably happen next week

    <plars> this possibly fits more under AOB, but I'll mention it now anyway

    <zyga> plars, who's going to assemble that stuff?

    <plars> this will add a rack, our own switch rather than piggy- backing off the office one, shelving, more PDUs, etc

    <plars> should allow us to host up to 30 or so boards

    <plars> and also give us room to grow past that

    <plars> zyga: I'll be assisting remotely with people that are going to be there next week, nobody is planning to travel just to do this right now

    <plars> eventually, we'll have someone hired *in* cambridge, who can help with these sorts of things. I'm working on that too

    <plars> anyway, the image/boot jobs were my big highlight, but wanted everyone to know about the upcoming expansion as it may mean some outages in the lab

    <zyga> ok

    <plars> robtaylor: do you have anything you want to add here?

    <plars> I know you were looking at BOSS right?

    <robtaylor> I've been reading around linaro validation, digesting specs and sourcecode. At the moment I'm flow diagraming the validation process to capture the use cases.

    <robtaylor> plars: yes, boss itself isn't of much use, but the infastructure it's built with - ruote and RabbitMQ - look like they might be useful

    <plars> robtaylor: we were already looking at maybe using RabbitMQ

    <plars> what would ruote give us exactly?

    <plars> (other than a headache trying to remember not to spell it route)

    <robtaylor> plars: it's absically a process runner. you can describe a process in simple terms (e.g. as a json doc) and it will asynchonously run the process, possibly over multple machines

    <zyga> robtaylor, a real process or a business-logic process?

    <robtaylor> zyga: business-logic process

    <zyga> I see

    <plars> hmm

    <zyga> job dispatcher kind of thing

    <robtaylor> zyga: exactly

    <robtaylor> has support for multiple concurrent tasks, etc and integrates nicely wirh AMQP

http://ruote.rubyforge.org/ seems to be the link if anyone wants to take a look

  • <plars> http://ruote.rubyforge.org/ seems to be the link if anyone wants to take a look

    <zyga> I'll check it out

    <robtaylor> at the moment I'm working with another Codethinker to test it out and see if it helps get us a scheduler and dispatcher quickly

    <zyga> unless someone wants to pry that from my dead hands

    <robtaylor> plars: yes

    <plars> zyga: go for it

    <robtaylor> zyga: i'll be happy to report on it on the mailing list later

    <zyga> robtaylor, ok

    <zyga> robtaylor, I'm a little out of sync with the mailing list - I'm best to reach on IRC nowdays -- still mailing list is a good idea

    <plars> [ACTION] zyga and robtaylor to take a look at ruote and see if it would be useful

zyga and robtaylor to take a look at ruote and see if it would be useful

  • <robtaylor> zyga: sure

    <plars> ok, anything else you want to add robtaylor?

    <robtaylor> plars: no, that's it from me

    <plars> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <plars> mentioned the lab expansion already

    <plars> mailing list

    <plars> we don't have a validation team mailing list, and unless I'm convinced otherwise, we probably won't

    <plars> we do need to make sure to cc linaro-dev on most discussions though

    <zyga> yeah, let's just use linaro-dev

    <robtaylor> *nod* signal-to-noise is good there, no need to get another ml

    <plars> so for feedback on the scheduler spec, do the same thing I did with moving the job dispatcher one there please

    <plars> feel free to cc people on the team specifically, as some people (like me) have mail filters that help flag mail like that

    <plars> but make sure the mailing list is included so others can get involved if they wish

    <plars> I'm not planning to be out any this week, but I may lose power due to weather

    <zyga> plars, ! ?

    <zyga> plars, snow?

    <plars> we have had fun rolling blackouts here

    <plars> zyga: not yet, possibly later in the week, but we haven't been above freezing for most of the week, and we *might* get above freezing tomorrow for a little while

    <zyga> plars, you should consider greece :-)

    <zyga> ;-)

    <iansmith> plars: That was never shown in Dallas with JR!

    <zyga> okay

    <plars> iansmith: and I'm even further south of Dallas!

    <plars> anyone else have anything for AOB?

    <iansmith> plars: Nothing from me!

    <plars> ok then

    <plars> DONE

    <plars> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 14:35

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