• Period: (2011-10-11 to 2011-10-17)
  • PM: David Zinman <david.zinman AT linaro DOT org>

  • Past reports

Team Highlights

  • l-i-t release planned
    • bug fixes
  • Added priority, sponsor, team, size etc on roadmap cards http://status.linaro.org/staging/11.11/roadmap-card-GWG2011-B

  • Gerrit CI: test, fix, elaborate, repeat.
  • Gerrit CI: deploy in "reduced mode" (due to state of Android Build and LAVA)
  • Upgraded to Oneiric and sorted out the usual post-upgrade issues (e.g. psycopg2.4.2 doesn't work with django 1.2 or 1.3)
  • linaro/offspring has been deployed to offspring.l.o;
  • slow progress on private Offspring builds on my side. At least got a few code reviews done.
  • Completed the improve-hwpack-names BP
  • Merged CI build scripts into lci-build-tools branch

Risks / Issues

  • android.git.linaro.org is not accessible.
  • Many of BPs will be postponed, as Gerrit CI deployment took more time than expected, and Android team's milestone timespace was cut (deadline 2011-10-24).
  • Still no feedback from the OEM team on our Offspring branches


  • dzin holiday Friday Oct 21, Monday Oct 24New starters, staffing changes

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