• Period: (2011-09-20 to 2011-09-26)
  • PM: David Zinman <david.zinman AT linaro DOT org>

  • Past reports

Meeting Minutes


Weekly Status Report


Team Highlights

  • Offspring changes will be reviewed by Steve Magoun on Oct 1.
  • limited bot access granted to Mattias, greater permissions needed.
  • Released svammel.
  • l-i-t released
  • omapzoom kernel mirror moved to android.git.linaro.org, tests syncs using linaro-aosp-sync-bot user.
  • review/testing fgiff's Gerrit/Android Build integration
  • Completed the Blueprint initial-metadata-for-kernel-ci-jobs, all-ci-jobs-to-bzr, deliver-announce-beta-kernel-ci-service, kernel-build-results-to-lava BP's
  • Improved the jenkins jobs to build the kernel debian package to build in the jobs workspace than in the parent directory
  • Modified the jenkins job script to include the job name, so that the bundle stream now has a human readable and meaningful name.
  • Merged all django-group-access changes needed to use it for private projects in Offspring
  • Rebased 3 old Offspring branches on top of current trunk and proposed them for merging again.

Risks / Issues

  • There is a problem with Vexpress V2 hwpacks in l-i-t 2011.09. Fix available
  • The kernel hwpack built seems to work fine for booting and running the tests, but it fails to reboot successfully. Reported in Bug 860556


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