• Period: (2011-09-13 to 2011-09-19)
  • PM: David Zinman <david.zinman AT linaro DOT org>

  • Past reports

Meeting Minutes


Weekly Status Report


Team Highlights

  • linaro-ci added to the work-items-tracker config
  • discussion required concerning setting up staging instance of the workitems tracker
  • Host gcc-linaro bzr seed in S3; stamp Android toolchain bzr builds with bzr rev.
  • Omapzoom kernel imported to Gerrit
  • Linaro Roadmap is now generated at http://status.linaro.org/11.11/roadmap.html (will be blank until we have access to the data)

  • hwpack v2 format, now collects the board specific code for making boot files: https://code.launchpad.net/~mabac/linaro-image-tools/make-boot-files-v2/+merge/75169

  • More offspring planning and blueprints.
  • Linaro talk at Oxford Geek Night 23 went really well.
  • Script created to store our shared web credentials in an encrypted file that can be decrypted by anybody in the team
  • Implementation plan has been drafted for private hwpacks.
  • Changes submitted to django-group-access so that we can use it in Offspring for private hwpacks
  • Work items added to the all-ci-jobs-to-bzr blueprint
  • lci-build-tools have been modified to include git_branch_name in build status and kernel config name in the test run status
  • More jobs added to the Kernel CI for the linux-next, linux (torvalds branch), linux-arm-soc for origen, exynos4 efconfigs.
  • jenkins-scripts-in-bzr work item completed.
  • Release this week:
    • linaro-image-tools
    • svammel

Risks / Issues

  • need to get offspring changes reviewed upstream, getting changes incorporated is difficult.
  • mabac is waiting for API access to the roadmap data in KanbanTool.

  • There are some known issues with Snowball V2/V3 so there's an opportunity to exchange boards and get a V5 replacement via Calao.
  • The status.linaro.org update script seems to take 2.5 hours now and takes even longer for every day that passes.


  • James W on vacation September 26 - 30
  • Reminder: evaluations are due

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