Key Points for wider discussion

  • None.

Team Highlights

  • A custom Patchwork instance was deployed on Amazon EC2 to get feedback. This will be moved to its final place eventually.
  • The feature to show 'my patches waiting for feedback' on a web page, which lists patches submitted by the logged in user to any projects, was completed. This is the one place where engineers will go regularly to update patch state to reflect reality and to make sure no patches haven't been forgotten by upstream.
  • LAVA gained some improvements to the generic parts of the scheduler (authentication, styling, improved code layout).
  • Based on feedback from test rebuilds several bug fixes to svammel were worked on. Also, as the relicensing of svammel to GPLv2+ was approved, some branches to increase functionality that were blocked got merged.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • None.

Risks / Issues

  • VERY HIGH IMPACT: Mattias unable to work productively due to IT restrictions in ST-E (10 weeks): some progress. Has process now to request changes, but little response to his requests in more than 4 weeks. Mattias is working from home or over 3G in the meantime.

  • HIGH IMPACT: PatchTracking requires deploying Patchwork (9 weeks): Discussion with IS, and it is not expected to take them long to do once they get to it. They have indicated that they may be able to start at the end of this week, or in the week after.

  • HIGH IMPACT: Gerrit instance needed for Android (9 weeks): Co-ordination with IS has started. Waiting to hear from them if we can get it this month, and what we need to do to help with that.

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: OurOwnOffspring is still being setup (many weeks)

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Want a Jenkins/Hudson instance for Continuous Integration purposes (many weeks): Discussions with IS, and they will provide one, but timeframe is unclear at this point. Will host ourselves until IS can provide. Work on an ec2 instance for this has started, and we should have it completed soon.

  • ‘’’MEDIUM IMPACT’’’ No feedback has been received from upstream on Linaro patchwork changes so the delta keeps growing (3 week).
  • ‘’’MEDIUM IMPACT’’’ svammel relicensing is blocked on kiko giving explicit approval (2 weeks).


  • None.

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