Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Work continues on, including allowing a custom toolchain to be used and steps towards allowing the toolchain to be built.

  • The teams custom Patchwork branch now produces basic stats of Linaro contributions to upstream projects.
  • The work to upstream the Patchwork changes continues with feedback from upstream being incorporated. The goal is to get as much of these changes into upstream as possible.
  • svammel gained support for multiple archives and logging.

  • Mattias Backman is now confirmed to be attending the Linaro@UDS event.
  • The current implementation of is now considered complete. Any major new changes will be reserved for the status version 2.0.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Note any milestones and other big events happening in the next month including deliverables from your team.

Risks / Issues

  • VERY HIGH IMPACT: Mattias unable to work productively due to IT restrictions in ST-E (7 weeks): some progress. Has process now to request changes, but little response to his requests in more than 4 weeks. Mattias is working from home or over 3G in the meantime.

  • HIGH IMPACT: PatchTracking requires deploying Patchwork (6 weeks): Discussion with IS, and it is not expected to take them long to do once they get to it. They have indicated that they may be able to start at the end of this week, or in the week after.

  • HIGH IMPACT: Gerrit instance needed for Android (6 weeks): Co-ordination with IS has started. Waiting to hear from them if we can get it this month, and what we need to do to help with that.

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: OurOwnOffspring is still being setup (many weeks)

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Want a Jenkins/Hudson instance for Continuous Integration purposes (many weeks): Discussions with IS, and they will provide one, but timeframe is unclear at this point. Will host ourselves until IS can provide. Work on an ec2 instance for this has started, and we should have it completed soon.

  • MEDIUM IMPACT: Deepti and Avik are sharing one Panda board meaning some hardware specific work is being blocked (2 weeks).


  • Michael Hudson-Doyle will be working on the LAVA Validation team project so will not be available for Infrastructure work starting next week.
  • Mattias Backman will be on leave April 1st.
  • Deepti B. Kalakeri on sick leave March 22nd.

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