Key Points for wider discussion

  • is not only receiving patches from a small proportion of Linaro assignees. Is everyone that submits patches upstream sending them here as well?

Team Highlights

Upcoming Deliverables

  • The should be deemed complete for this round this week.
  • linaro-image-tools will be getting a release soon (likely before the monthly release date to ease the process of getting it in to Ubuntu)
  • will allow submitting new builds through a form on the website soon.

  • Patch metrics for the next member report in two weeks.

Risks / Issues

  • Mattias unable to work productively due to IT restrictions in ST-E (5 weeks, v. high): some progress. Has process now to request changes, but little response to his requests in more than 2 weeks. Mattias is working from home or over 3G in the meantime.
  • Deepti lacking a board to work with (many weeks, high): Deepti has received the Panda board, but doesn't have a USB->serial cable for it, so is still unable to use it for much. Working on tasks that don't require it, but unable to participate in image testing.

  • PatchTracking requires deploying Patchwork (3 weeks, high): Discussion with IS, and it is not expected to take them long to do once they get to it. They have indicated that they may be able to start at the end of next week, or in the week after.

  • Gerrit instance needed for Android (3 weeks, high): Co-ordination with IS has started. Waiting to hear from them if we can get it this month, and what we need to do to help with that.
  • Deepti believes she has not been granted travel to Linaro@UDS (1 weeks, high): She will attend remotely where possible.
  • Mattias lacking a board to work with (5 weeks, medium): some progress, he has a board, but it spends most of the time being borrowed back by other people with ST-E. Mattias will work on a project that doesn't require a board in the meantime.
  • OurOwnOffspring lacking hardware (many weeks, medium): x86 for master is ready and waiting, XMs for slaves delivered to IS. Awaiting setup from IS.

  • Want a Jenkins/Hudson instance for Continuous Integration purposes (many weeks, medium): Discussions with IS, and they will provide one, but timeframe is unclear at this point. Will host ourselves until IS can provide. Work on getting an ec2 instance for this has started, and we should have it running in ec2 by next week.


  • Guilherme on national holidayys 7/8 March
  • James on vacation 7th March
  • Guilherme at PyCon 10-15 March

  • James away 21st March
  • Deepti on vacation 11th March

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