Key Points for wider discussion

  • None this week

Team Highlights

Upcoming Deliverables

  • None currently.

Risks / Issues

  • Mattias unable to work productively due to IT restrictions in ST-E (3 weeks, v. high): some progress. Has process now to request changes, but no response to his requests in more than 1 week. Mattias is working from home or over 3G in the meantime.
  • Mattias lacking a board to work with (3 weeks, medium): some progress, he has a board, but it spends most of the time being borrowed back by other people with ST-E. Mattias will work on a project that doesn't require a board in the meantime.
  • Deepti lacking a board to work with (many weeks, high): A Panda board is earmarked, and is in Bangalore, but Deepti hasn't yet received it. Working on tasks that don't require it, but unable to participate in image testing.
  • PatchTracking requires deploying Patchwork (1 week, high): Co-ordination of this with IS has started. Their initial judement is that it shouldn't be a big problem.

  • Patchwork seems unmaintained upstream (1 week, low): No longer a risk. Prompt feedback received on proposed changes.
  • Gerrit instance needed for Android (1 week, high): Co-ordination with IS has started. Waiting to hear from them if we can get it this month, and what we need to do to help with that.
  • OurOwnOffspring lacking hardware (many weeks, medium): x86 for master is ready and waiting, Joey has ordered XMs for slaves, should be here this month. IS will attempt to get setup as best they can without slaves, so that we are up and running as soon as possible after delivery.

  • Want a Jenkins/Hudson instance for Continuous Integration purposes (many weeks, medium): Discussions with IS, and they will provide one, but timeframe is unclear at this point. Will host ourselves until IS can provide.
  • No project manager for the team (1 week, high): Joey is working to solve. James will do these duties for the team in the meantime.


  • James on vacation Feb 17th - Feb 23rd

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