Key Points for wider discussion

  • None this week

Team Highlights

Upcoming Deliverables

  • delivered to satisfaction of interested parties within the next week.

Risks / Issues

  • Mattias unable to work productively due to IT restrictions in ST-E (2 weeks, v. high): some progress. Has process now to request changes, but not all have been acted on yet.
  • Mattias lacking a board to work with (2 weeks, medium): some progress, but proposed board is private currently, and is apparently wanted for use by several people. Mattias will work on a project that doesn't require a board in the meantime.
  • Deepti lacking a board to work with (many weeks, high): A Panda board is earmarked, but Deepti has not yet received it. Working on tasks that don't require it, but unable to participate in image testing.
  • PatchTracking requires deploying Patchwork (0 weeks, high): Co-ordination of this will start with IS immediately.

  • Patchwork seems unmaintained upstream (0 weeks, low): Will monitor. Can always use a fork for our purposes.
  • Gerrit instance needed for Android (0 weeks, high): Co-ordination with IS has started. Waiting to hear from them if we can get it this month, and what we need to do to help with that.
  • OurOwnOffspring lacking hardware (many weeks, medium): x86 for master is ready and waiting, Joey has ordered XMs for slaves, should be here this month.

  • Want a Hudson instance for Continuous Integration purposes (many weeks, medium): Discussions with IS, and they will provide one, but timeframe is unclear at this point. Will host ourselves until IS can provide.
  • No project manager for the team (0 weeks, high): Joey is working to solve. James will do these duties for the team in the meantime.


  • Deepti spent 1 day at IBM internal meeting this week.
  • Guilherme on vacation this Friday.
  • James on vacation 17th-22nd February.
  • Multiple absences planned for March.

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