Key Points for wider discussion

  • ImproveLinaroMediaCreate completed.

Team Highlights

  • ImproveLinaroMediaCreate completed.

  • Following bugs resolved on ImproveLinaroMediaCreate: #702645 (l-m-c and hwpacks need to be updated for latest x-loader deb), #697824 (linaro omap3 image: serial device name change breaks serial console), #701462 (mkfs.vfat should be added to the dependency list), #702650 (l-m-c fails when device partitions don't follow the /dev/sdNN naming pattern)

  • Fixed several problems which occurred after the django-restricted-resource changes. Changes have been submitted and are awaiting review comments.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • No immediate milestones due.

Stakeholder Process

  • ImproveLinaroMediaCreate is complete.

Blueprint Milestones

  • No immediate milestones due

Risks / Issues

  • None to be highlighted.


  • Guilherme Salgado on leave/ public holiday 20th & 21st January

  • Michael Hudson has a public holiday on 24th January
  • Deepti Kalakeri has a public holiday on 26th January

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