Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Paul Larson (plars)


  • Updated objectives for next review cycle
  • Completed results command for Abrek
  • Merged support for fixtures in my unit tests for Abrek
  • Started on dashboard module
  • Code reviews for some launch control branches
  • Wrote tests for OMAP3 headless image testing and posted on the wiki, worked with Matt to get a modified one for Vexpress
  • Set up products, milestones, and test cases on the QA tracker for the beta candidate testing
  • Added a wiki page about using the QA tracker
  • Spent some time testing the beta candidate images, filing bugs


  • I'm currently planning to defer some of my work items, especially some that are centered around the test suites. We have someone new coming on board that will be taking over some of this effort


  • Submit proposed work items for new team member to look at
  • Add a dashboard plugin to Abrek

James Westby (james_w)


  • Further work on improving the hardware packs spec.
  • Worked on getting hwpack-create script going. This is the tool that will create hwpacks given a description of what we want them to contain. Got fairly far with this, and a first usable version is just around the corner. This doesn't allow us to install them yet, but at least we will have an easy way to create them for testing that part.
  • Wrote proposed new process for the way our team works and circulated it for review within the team.
  • arm-m-derived-archive-rebuild: no progress this week, distracted by other things.
  • Reviews for others in the team.
  • Booked UDS flights.


  • Get a usable version of hwpack-create available for use. Improve as necessary and start work on getting it usable in lexbuilder, possibly based on asac's hack.
  • Pick up archive deletion work again.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)


  • Discussed how to deliver the demo by 6th September with a hard deadline of 13th September. Instead of getting all functionality in I will focus on integrating server-side components only. The goal is to reach a moment where a feedback loop from internal users can shape development.
  • Merged most server side models required for the demo (bundle and bundle stream)
  • Pushed a XML-RPC interface for review. It was approved by both James and Paul. James requested another review from Michael Hudson. With this branch merged I can merge data importer and data views from the dev branch hence giving first demo-ready branch.


  • Merge full XML-RPC API for bundle management (put,get,ls,rm)
  • Merge simple data importer that gets test results and ignores the meta data
  • Merge existing data views

Michael Hudson (mwhudson)


  • (arm-m-image-building-console)
    • "Resolve timezone patch to django issue": DONE
      • my branch landed (monkey-patch-django). it's not a real fix, but it is no longer a blocker wrt open sourcing.
    • "Fix bug 544609": INPROGRESS
      • "Ubuntu series should not be hard coded"
      • Aiming to use this as testbed for schema migration; no feedback on that.
    • "Implement DB schema migration": INPROGRESS
      • Waiting for feedback.
    • "Fix deployment path. Currently deployed to /srv": INPROGRESS
      • Waiting for feedback on branch that helps, but does not solve problem completely.
    • "Decide on dependency management approach (debs/buildout/...)": INPROGRESS
      • Still awaiting feedback on this.
    • "Sources.list passwords:" TODO
      • Realized I didn't really understand the issue, awaiting clarification.
  • (x-project-blueprint-references) -- nb. Launchpad spec, so not divvied up into workitems: DONE
    • I landed three branches, two general clean ups in the area -- move-SpecificationDepCandidatesVocabulary and de-stupid-SpecificationDepCandidatesVocabulary/ -- and finally the one that implemented the feature requested, cross-product-spec-links-bug-3552/.

    • Also QAed the feature on staging.
  • Not blueprinted
    • Did some hwpack related reviewing for james_w.
    • Started systematically looking through lexbuilder source.
      • I think I now understand most of the parts written in shell, which I hadn't really looked before.
      • Submitted a branch that removed some unused config settings.


  • (arm-m-image-building-console)
    • Three work items have branches waiting on feedback, all can probably land quickly with feedback:
      • "Implement DB schema migration": INPROGRESS
      • "Fix deployment path. Currently deployed to /srv": INPROGRESS
      • "Fix bug 544609": INPROGRESS
    • Two more work items/branches are waiting on feedback and will probably require a bunch more work after said feedback:
      • "Decide on dependency management approach (debs/buildout/...)": INPROGRESS
      • "Sources.list passwords:" TODO
  • Not blueprinted:
    • Some code review for other team members.
    • Continue systematically looking through lexbuilder source.

Guilherme Salgado (salgado)


  • arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure
    • Change to accept binary uploads: landed
    • Implement proper root view for vostok: drew a mockup and got feedback, but decided it's best to draw mockups for all pages used on a given workflow (e.g. creating an empty archive and uploading a package to it) and then try to get feedback on them
  • HardwarePacks

    • hwpack-install: Re-read spec, talked to James and started drafting implementation plan
  • not-blueprinted
    • Talked to Scott about changes we want on summit.u.c for next UDS/LDS; Checked the code (lp:summit) to figure out how much work it'd be to do the changes
    • Reviewed some Launchpad branches


  • Report to Scott on amount of work to change summit.u.c
  • Start implementing hwpack-install

Ian Smith (ismith)


  • LexBuilder renaming progressing

  • Awaiting feedback to continue on a Blueprint feature
  • Looking into some competitive analysis
  • Completed updating spreadsheet with Anmar
  • Organising some hardware shipments

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