Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Paul Larson (plars)

  • Put in an RT ticket to request an isotracker instance for Linaro Images
  • Had meetings with TI and IBM to discuss !Lexbuilder and QA tools
  • Added support in Abrek for subcommands
  • TSC/Linaro board approval for GPL3 licensing for Abrek
  • Added copyright/license information to all files
  • Did a first pass at the packaging for Abrek
  • Looked further at some javascript benchmarks and how we might be able to automate them

James Westby (james_w)

  • arm-m-derived-archive-rebuild:
    • Slow progress on the archive deletion. This is mainly due to the slowness of developing and testing db patches in LP, and the many small details to get right with this change.
    • After thinking some more about the job system overlap with StevenK's work it became clear that his approach wouldn't work for copy archives, so nothing needs to be done here.
  • other:
    • Several reviews.
    • Caught up in many issues related to my old role this week.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)

  • Published several branches with various fragments of the dev branch.
  • Got some bits accepted, working on the rest.
  • TSC/Linaro board approved license.

Michael Hudson (mwhudson)

  • (arm-m-image-building-console)
    • "Fix deployment path. Currently deployed to /srv": Proposed a branch which improves the situation, but not a complete solution.
      • No feedback from Cody yet.
    • "Fix bug 544609": Might use this bug as a testbed for the schema migration work, so holding off on landing it for now.
    • "Implement DB schema migration": Waiting for feedback from Cody.
    • "Clean up dependencies": I split this into a bunch of work items:
      • "Check dependencies for licensing concerns": nothing major found. Proposed branch to remove use of one script of unclear
        • license.
      • "Check if we're carrying patches to dependencies": not started yet.
      • "Test lexbuilder with Ubuntu-packaged dependencies": not started yet.
      • "Decide on dependency management approach (debs/buildout/...)": not sure this is my call to make. Need to get feedback from
        • OEM/Cody.
      • "Implement dependency management": Despite the above, I started an experimental branch to manage dependencies using zc.buildout. I think it will work for us.
  • (arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure)
    • "Implement custom navigation for vostok root": Salgado landed it
      • as part of another branch.
    • "Choose which views we must provide for the basic services":
      • Wrote a wiki page on this, need to convert findings to work items.
  • Not blueprinted
    • Half-filed expense claim for Cambridge sprint & Epic

Guilherme Salgado (salgado)

  • arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure
    • Implement custom navigation for IDistribution: DONE
    • Do not allow pages to redirect to other vhosts: Done
    • Change to accept binary uploads: landed a bunch of cleanups/refactorings that will make that easier
    • Make it possible to define layer-specific navigation classes: DONE
    • Custom Image/Icing folders that extend Launchpad's ones with the vostok-specific resources: thinking of postponing that as we don't have any use for such a thing yet and I don't want to do something that we end up throwing away later because it doesn't suit

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