Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Paul Larson (plars)

  • Added code for gathering hardware profile information in abrek
  • Made some changes to the fields abrek uses to make it more compatible with the dashboard
  • Hardware and software profile information is now gathered and stored by abrek when tests are run
  • Discussions with Zygmunt on the dashboard, and reviewed/tested what is currently in his post-sprint branch
  • Looked at Dave Martin's addition of memory info in bootchart and provided feedback
  • Tested a run of openposix on Beagle, looks like a good candidate for inclusion
  • Made progress on testing more of the benchmarks currently in phoronix on ARM
  • Started reviewing some of Zygmunt's split out branches
  • Interviewed a candidate for the QA Automation Engineer position

James Westby (james_w)

  • Discussed changes required for archive deletion, and started implementation. The changes required are rather more involved than I had hoped, but more a case of lots of little details than large chunks of code to write. Archive deletion is harder than hoped, so will take a week or two longer than anticipated.
  • Reviewed some branches from Paul and one from Zygmunt.
  • Got several Launchpad cleanup branches that I did while looking around at the archive deletion problem ready to go when trunk opens again after the rollout.
  • Discussed the job system with StevenK and there is room to consolidate the work that I did with what he is working on, but it may be unnecessary.

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)

  • The dashboard can now be installed easily (or rather, can run directly from the branch).
  • A command line tool (lc-tool) allows to list, upload and download bundles to/from the dashboard. The same tool support several other commands, most notably, a generic parse command that translates log files with arbitrary (specified) log parser and produces bundle files.
  • The dashboard can now display all uploaded data, you can browse all bundles, all test runs, all test runs inside a bundle, all tests, all test cases inside a test, all test results inside a test run (and probably more, the list is rather long). The vies are very minimal but work very well for a rough demo. More work in this area will be done soon (log viewer, initial simple theme) after everything lands in trunk.
  • Pushed one branch for review (utils.json package). Hopefully most/all of the dashboard will land in trunk by the end of the week.

Michael Hudson (mwhudson)

  • arm-m-image-building-console:
    • "Fix bug 544616": completed.
    • "Fix deployment path. Currently deployed to /srv": started. My branch mostly works, but some discussion required on what level of configuration is necessary, desirable and/or possible.
    • "Implement DB schema migration": started. Have a spike which re-implements another in-progress work item that requires mutating the database as a django-south migration.
  • arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure:
    • "Add a basic new skin/layer to Launchpad": completed.
    • "Make it possible to define layer-specific navigation classes": reviewed salgado's branch for this.
    • "Implement custom navigation for vostok root": ready to land when Launchpad comes out of release freeze.
  • Not blueprinted
    • Arranged travel for UDS-N
    • Fixed problem in vostok layer that broke production Launchpad environments (which don't have vostok configured). (614062)

    • Found a stupid bug in lexbuilder that prevented it working on 32 bit systems. (615707)

    • Got proper laptop back from repair

Guilherme Salgado (salgado)

  • Landed lazr.restful change to allow interfaces to be combined on the web interface. That introduced a bug which Leonard noticed yesterday and I've already fixed
  • "Make Launchpad pages use the vostok base template when accessed over": ready to land
  • "Make it possible to define layer-specific navigation classes": ready for review
  • "Implement custom navigation for IDistribution": ready for review
  • "Custom Image/Icing folders that extend Launchpad's ones with the vostok-specific resources": just started

Scott Bambrough (scottb)

  • discussed with Cody what documentation changes he has identified for live-helper
  • working on new spec for hardware packs with Alexander
  • helping get expect-lite through REVU into universe
  • answering TSC questions on LexBuilder

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