Work Tracking

Team Work - Detailed

Paul Larson (plars)


  • Branch for handling results parsing has been approved and merged, includes demo code for now that will come out later when the support for submissions is in
  • Discussions with Zygmunt about submission format for test results
  • Helped Matt Waddel get LTP up and running on his Versatile express board, looked through the results, and provided feedback
  • Worked on authentication with Zygmunt, he has the beginnings of the server side piece, and I have a simple example using basic auth on the client side that is capable of making submissions
  • Worked on getting a canonical cloud instance up and running for test/development of server piece
  • Submitted a new RT ticket for hosting a public location where we can have live production/demo of the dashboard


  • Final decision from TSC on license for Abrek is still pending, but supposed to happen soon
  • Discovered that the cloud instances we have are not suitable for all we had planned, submitted a new RT to get something that will work for the live copy


  • Finish basic login command and unit tests for it (awaiting some server pieces to make more progress here)
  • Work on packaging for Abrek (pending license approval)
  • Work on QA action items for Linaro images

James Westby (james_w)


  • (arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure)
  • Landed a change to Launchpad to disable the default skin directive, making it easier for us to override the navigation for vostok where needed. (arm-m-derived-archive-rebuild)
  • Got approval for the copy archive DB changes and landed them.
  • Got the associated code changes in to review. Making the script use the code changes is still not done.
  • Milestoned the workitems for more of our specs.


  • Plan improvements

Zygmunt Krynicki (zyga)


  • I've published the database model and UI mock-ups from the sprint via my Ubuntu One account.
  • Document model frozen after many many changes. The JSON Schema will be published this week as soon as more important things are out of the way.
  • I'm currently applying bulk changes to the server branch to take into account various things discussed at the sprint. This touched virtually every single file in the tree but starts to get into shape.


  • I'm not sure how to push this code for review. The changes are so vast that one single "push" will not look very nice. I'm still looking for something that would not be "here's the new trunk, could you review it from scratch?" approach.


  • Server not deployed yet. Paul asked for some improvement in this area. I hope to deploy it by the end of this week so that it's somewhat production ready (it will not loose any data).

Michael Hudson (mwhudson)


  • got fixes for three lexbuilder bugs ready for review
  • generally became more familiar with lexbuilder codebase
  • polished launchpad changes adding a new skin for the archive management (should land soon)
  • mostly reassembled my mail reading environment :(


  • get changes to lexbuilder and launchpad landed
  • knock off some more image-building-console work items
  • work out concrete next steps for archive-management with james & salgado


  • Cody being on leave last week meant things took a while to get reviewed
  • my mail client (thunderbird) basically stopped working, so i've spent a while fighting offlineimap and notmuch and so on to get to a reliable mail reading and sending environment again (hence sending this from gmail)

Guilherme Salgado (salgado)


  • Landed the branch which enables
  • Did some changes after Gary's review of my lazr.restful branch


  • Finish required changes to lazr.restful branch
  • Catch up with email

Ian Smith (ismith)


  • Licence for LexBuilder approved by Linaro TSC, and approved by Canonical board subject to some conditions.

  • Licence for Automated Test Framework submitted to Linaro TSC for approval (also needs Linaro board approval).
  • Licence for QA Dashboard submitted to Linaro TSC for approval (also needs Linaro board approval).
  • Working on some coding for Whiteboards.
  • Producing status reports.


  • None


  • Chase licences
  • More coding

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