Views Vostok will need

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To start with the user operations that we need to support are:

  • Create a new distro
  • Upload new source and binary packages (this is not a web operation, of course)
  • Copy packages between distributions
  • Remove packages from distributions
  • Delete a distro

Support for the above:

  • Find things -- distros, packages, people

Automatic operations we might want to report on, in addition to the above activity:

  • Publication of packages into archives

+index pages for context objects


The front page should mostly be a list of distributions. This will be a completely new view for vostok, not reusing any view from Launchpad.

We'll probably allow searching for people/teams on this page too?

We might want to have a latest activity portlet recording recent activity, maybe with nice collapsing of operations that all affect the same distro.

We might want to have 'register a new distro' as a link on the front page.

The 'create a new distro' link might be on this page, or we might make all distributions be created as a derivative of another (and Ubuntu will be sucked in from upstream by gina).


The view of a distribution is focused on the state of the distro.

This is mostly a recent activity list. As there are no bugs etc to worry about, it will be much simpler than the view for Launchpad.

There should be a way to search for packages.

We might be able to reuse bits of the Launchpad views for parts of this page. As uploads will in general contain source and binaries, some changes will be required.

As we'll probably be punning the distribution and its single distroseries for most purposes, we should look at both Launchpad views for inspiration.


For a given source package name in a distribution, we'll have a page that records recent uploads and allows copying and removing the package.


For a given upload of source and binaries we'll have a page (with a URL based on sourcepackage name and version, most likely) that will allow downloading the source and binaries and viewing the publication history.

This will probably mostly resemble the +source/package/version page, which we can probably mostly re-use.


Again, mostly a recent activity view. We'll need to allow many, but not all, of the account editing functions:

  • email addresses
  • gpg keys
  • ...

Other views

Distribution +delta

This will be a view of the differences between a distro and its parent, as in This is depends on Launchpad features that don't exist yet, so we may not include this in the first cut.

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