• Rollcall.
  • Actions from last meeting - Tech Lead chasing
  • Blueprint status/progress - All team members
  • Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Work Item progress and team issues discussion - Tech Lead and Project Manager questions to the team
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

  • danilos to ensure new l-i-t features are used (contacts: jcrigby, rsalveti, ryanharkin, Rony)
  • pfalcon, danilos to come up with an initial blueprint to start cbuild project, have a high level plan in place

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

James Tunnicliffe <jamestunnicliffe>



  • Continue with dashboard updates in diagram form. May just have to present slides rather than a site at Connect. That may be better though, since we can easily change Google Docs diagrams to reflect what people want in the session.


  • None.

Milo Casagrande <Gwaihir>


Bugs worked on:


  • Continue working on 1034853

  • Help CI Dashboard
  • Get ready for Connect


  • Fighting with policykit authorization under Python

Deepti B. Kalakeri <deepti>



  • Continue with dashboard updates in diagram form along with James.


  • On leave starting next week till Dec 3rd.

Georgy Redkozubov <gesha>


  • Good progress on render pre-defined text files BP.
  • Restored jenkins.l.o after update.


  • Fixing, help finish deploying Render pre-defined text files.


  • None

Paul Sokolovsky <pfalcon>


  • Work , elaborate, update tests, deploy.

  • Create backup snapshots of a-b, ci.* volumes
  • bug #1066872 Networking issues with EC2 build slaves
  • bug #1067438 Tag Jenkins build slave instances
  • bug #1068023 Errors from archive-slave-logs cronjob
  • Bunch of other bugs re-triaged and closed to maintenance cycle end
  • Wrap up with maintenance duties (reviews, handover)


  • Start on initial investigation on migrating CBuild to LAVA/CI Dashboard.

== Your Name <irc nick> ==

=== Highlights ===
 * Short bullet points of work you've done that week which convey
progress and highlights which can be used to report on how the team is 
progressing as a whole.

=== Plans ===
 * Your individual plans for the coming week(s).

=== Issues ===
 * Your individual issues for the coming week(s).

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