• Rollcall: danilos, deepti, dzin, fabo, gesha, jamestunnicliffe, mabac, pfalcon, salgado
  • Actions from last meeting - Tech Lead chasing
  • Review activity reports - All team members
  • Planning for this cycle and Engineer progress reports - All team members
  • Team issues discussion - Tech Lead and Project Manager questions to the team
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Past Action items

From 2011-12-20

  • mabac/salgado to set patches.l.o script to forward to the new l-i-errors list DONE
  • danilos to review outstanding MPs for mabac's linaro-status-website changes DONE
  • danilos to check with kiko to ensure we can switch the status.l.o homepage to the new lane view DONE
  • mabac to review Gesha's linaro-image-tools MPs. DONE

Action Items

  • Action items that came out of this weeks meeting.

Engineers Reports

Mattias Backman <mabac>


  • Switched to point to the current roadmap Lane

  • Last few days before the holidays spent on clean up, code reviews etc
  • Christmas holidays


  • Next project?


  • I've caught the flu but will try to work most the day.


  • I'm off the rest of the week, back full speed on Monday

Deepti B. Kalakeri <deepti>


  • Year End holidays.
  • Checking Mails.
  • Started looking into bug Bug #907295 Linaro CI Kernel builds failing for origen board type .


  • Work on the Bug #907295 Linaro CI Kernel builds failing for origen board type


  • None

Paul Sokolovsky <pfalcon>


  • Before holidays: update all jobs to push artifacts to, fix race condition with artifact upload and LAVA test scheduling. Blueprint finalization for milestone end.
  • Holidays


  • Review state of the android infrastructure (incl. new push infra), act if any urgent issues.
  • Process pending tickets.
  • Continue on snapshots.l.o migration.
  • Start on creating new seed for build.

Guilherme Salgado <salgado>


  • Was on vacation; got back to work today


  • Catch up with email
  • Hopefully get some work done, although I've no idea what ;)


  • None that I can think of

James Tunnicliffe <jamestunnicliffe>


  • Holiday!
  • Did some reading up on HTML / JS / CSS. Now beginning to understand how the Linaro Android Build front end actually works.


  • Once figured out Android build front end, modify it as required (I am sure I had a blueprint for it a minute ago...)


  • I may be getting Chickenpox... yay.

Georgy Redkozubov <gesha>


  • Was on holiday


  • Start creating test for click-through licensing

IRC logs

Meeting started by dzin at 13:01:34 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary

  • Actions from last meeting (dzin, 13:03:53)

  • Activity Reports (dzin, 13:05:47)

    • ACTION: deepti to create blueprints to address publishing CI hwpacks (dzin, 13:11:16)

  • Planning for this cycle (dzin, 13:27:49)

  • Issues and AOB (dzin, 13:33:40)

Meeting ended at 13:38:38 UTC.

Action items

  • deepti to create blueprints to address publishing CI hwpacks

People present (lines said)

  • dzin (52)
  • deepti1 (14)
  • salgado (11)
  • fabo (9)
  • pfalcon (8)
  • jamestunnicliffe (6)
  • gesha (5)
  • rsalveti (4)
  • ubot2` (4)
  • linarobot (3)

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