Infrastructure team meeting


  • Mattias Backman
  • Guilherme Salgado
  • Deepti Kalakeri
  • James Westby
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Alexander Sack


  • Actions from last meeting
  • Team status
  • Reporting days
  • AOB

Action Items

  • james_w to co-ordinate deployment of salgado's patchwork tree in his absence
  • james_w to email salgado about patch metrics
  • james_w to get deepti a machine to host jenkins
  • mabac to request reviews for some svammel changes, and review some code from other team members
  • salgado to send deployment docs to the patchwork RT ticket when ready
  • james_w to request status reports on Monday

Action Items from previous meeting

  • James to Cc Guilherme on RT for patchwork: DONE
  • James to email Guilherme with info on account: DONE

Meeting Minutes

  • Team status reports
    • Deepti Kalakeri
      • Got hudson/jenkins build and tests of linaro-gcc on her local instance
      • Needs access to a hosted instance to make the work public and have it run reliably.
    • Mattias Backman
      • Project created for BuildFailureBugFiling: Good progress on the implementation.

      • Will create a blueprint for tracking the work
      • Will be refactoring to add more unit tests, and add more of the features requested by Steve.
      • Will also request some reviews from others for some of the changes, and will also review other people's code in other projects.
    • Guilherme Salgado
      • Good progress on PatchTracking. Using stgit to manage the patches he has on top of patchwork.

      • Got some more positive upstream feedback on patchwork patches.
      • Some patches are still awaiting review though, and most have not actually been merged despite favourable review.
      • Away for most of 10 days after this week. James will co-ordinate getting a patchwork instance in his absence. There is nothing urgent that should be handled in his absence, but patch tracking implementation will pause for a while.
      • Has written some further documentation on deployment, which he will put in the RT ticket to aid IS.
      • James will send information that he has on the metrics that management want to see this month.
    • James Westby
      • Continued excellent response to Most urgent requests are dealt with, one still in review. Hopefully the project can be put in to maintainence soon, until the next round of improvements are scheduled.
  • Reporting days
    • It has been requested that we include our individual weekly reports in the meeting notes, and have them prepared before the meeting for discussion.
    • With the timing of our meeting this is a few days before the team status report on Thursday. It's not a big issue to have slightly stale information for that, but it may be that we want to change the day of our meeting anyway.
    • Nobody had any problem with the day of the meeting, so we will keep that as it is, and send in status reports before the meeting. James will send reminders appropriately from next week on.

Engineers Reports

Deepti Kalakeri


  • Worked on setting up launchpad gcc and automated tests on my hudson instance.
  • Discussed with Michael Hope on the gcc-linaro requirements for Continuous Integration.
  • Tried some gcc-linaro cross build.
  • Reported a small make issue found in cross-build files to Marcin


  • Work on setting up the hudson/Jenkins on ec2 instances.
  • Set up the launchpad gcc and automated tests on the ec2 instances.


  • Still not able to get access to ec2 instance.


  • I will be on leave on next friday, i.e March 11, 2011.

Michael Hudson


  • More work on the android build system.
    • Have the interface creating new builds (although it doesn't give much feedback yet), the listing page done, need to work on the display of configurations and builds somewhat.


  • More of same.


  • Nothing in particular.


  • Some leave booked for late march and late april.

Mattias Backman



  • Continue implementing requested features in svammel, beginning with 'Avoid filing bugs if there is a successful build in main_archive since rebuild'


  • I currently have no dev board. (not a blocker at the moment, though)
  • I still work on my workaround setup, getting little attention from IT (also not a blocker)


  • Nothing planned

Guilherme Salgado


  • PatchTracking

    • more patchwork hacking to accommodate our use cases (<>)

    • Provide a UI for mass-moving patches from one project to another: DONE
    • Design DB schema for storing the information we need for email -> person -> team mapping: DONE

    • Script which pulls email -> person -> team mapping from Launchpad: INPROGRESS

    • Started writing docs/scripts for deploying our customized Patchwork instance on
  • Misc
    • Reviewed some linaro-image-tools and work-item-tracker branches


  • Work on a basic UI showing per-project patch metrics, to be used on the next Linaro Executive Member Update


  • None


  • National holidays on 7/3 and 8/3
  • Conference leave (Pycon US) on March 10,11,14,15

James Westby



  • Digging myself out of the hole post-vacation.
  • Assisted on getting a new hwpack for the samsung landing team setup.
  • Some improvements to
    • Colouring the progress bars based on whether they are "behind"
    • Allowing us to use bugs as workitems where the bugs aren't against Ubuntu
    • Did a couple of test patches. One to use png for the charts so that IE users can see them. The other to add some more higher-level graphs. It's not clear if they will be pursued at this time yet.
    • Several internal changes to move us towards using an ORM. This would make further changes easier to do. This part of the project won't be completed in full in this round of changes though.
  • Discussed some changes to linaro-media-create. In particular adding support for android images, and producing tarballs rather than image files.
  • Set up an instance of feedjack for freshleaf to see the current theme, and to use as a demo site when we get the draft theme back from them.
  • Tweaked a script run by IS that gets us information on the downloads of our images and worked with them to get the change deployed.
  • Discussion of how to work better with the landing teams.
  • Working with Stephen Doel and Guilherme to decide what patch metrics we should provide for this month's member report.
  • A small change to offspring at the request of kiko so that the image comparison report works for our images. You can see an example at

  • IS co-ordination
    • Triaging and prioritising tickets filed by Linaro assignees
    • Bi-weekly meeting with Charlie
    • Following up to some of the issues raised there
    • Chasing up particular issues for people
  • Started some discussions on flashkit with ST-E thanks to Mattias.
  • Interviewed one candidate that wasn't suitable for the open role.
  • A few code reviews
  • The usual one-on-ones and email discussions with the team, team meetings, techleads and platform meetings, and email discussions.
  • A meeting about OBS and related topics.
  • Dealing with some Canonical payroll issues, and requested the travel agent book my flights to Canonical Summit and Linaro@UDS.


  • Deploy outstanding changes to, and discuss with stakeholders if any changes need to be made before that project is put in to maintenence mode.
  • Assist the team where I can


  • Nothing blocking me currently.


  • I will be out on Monday, 7th March
  • I will be out on Monday, 21st March


<Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Actions from last meeting
<james_w> James to Cc Guilherme on RT for patchwork
<james_w> DONE
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<james_w> James to email Guilherme with info on account
<james_w> DONE
<james_w> easy enough
<james_w> [TOPIC] Status reports
<Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Status reports
<james_w> [PROGRESS REPORT] Deepti
<Mootbot-UK> Progress Report:  Deepti
<james_w> deepti, would you go first?
<deepti> james_w: sure..
<deepti> Good: worked on setting up launchpad gcc and automated tests on my hudson instance.Also did some cross compilation of the gcc-linaro.
<deepti> Bad: I am blocked with setting up of the hudson for Linaro because of the unavailability of ec2
<deepti> Plan: to work on the setting up the hudson on Linaro machines or ec2 instances and set up the launchpad gcc and automated tests on the Linaro machine or ec2 instances.
<deepti> james_w: thats all
<james_w> deepti, I guess the change you would make is to have an ec3 machine?
<james_w> ec2 even :-)
<james_w> I guess ec3 is one better!
<deepti> james_w: ok
<james_w> I'll make sure you have that soon
<james_w> thanks deepti 
<deepti> james_w: I am not sure at the moment. I will have to check ..
<james_w> [PROGRESS REPORT] Mattias
<Mootbot-UK> Progress Report:  Mattias
<james_w> mabac, would you go next?
<mabac> sure
<mabac> Good: I created a project for the BuildFailureBugFiling, which is here
<james_w> yay, what does the name mean?
<mabac> Swedish for "waffle" in the meaning "rambling". Sort of. :)
<mabac> In a semi humoristic way.
<james_w> nice
<mabac> The early prototype felt like a chatterbox.
<mabac> ;)
<mabac> I just got some good input from salgado about blueprints etc so I guess I'll create one to gather input.
<mabac> Bad: nothing blocking me
<mabac> Plan: reconfigure the launchpad project if needed, refactor for testing and make it more of a product than a hack.
<mabac> And keep adding some features.
<mabac> Change: I will get involved in the review I get a lot of emails about. Have just been reading diffs without commenting so far.
<mabac> reviews*
<mabac> that's it from me
<james_w> great, I was going to ask you to do that :-)
<mabac> good then. :)
<james_w> I'm also concerned that you think having nothing blocking you is a bad thing ;-)
<mabac> nothing not already known that is. ;)
<mabac> ah, now I get what you mean. :)
<mabac> fun's on me ;)
<james_w> I'd like it if you could use the review process for some of your svammel changes too. Are you familiar with the process, or would you like to discuss it afterwards/tomorrow?
<mabac> salgado told me how to start at least.
<james_w> great, let us know if you need anything there
<mabac> Will request a merge for next push and see what happens
<james_w> thanks mabac 
<james_w> [PROGRESS REPORT] Guilherme
<Mootbot-UK> Progress Report:  Guilherme
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<james_w> salgado, would you go next?
<salgado> sure
<salgado> good: Good progress on PatchTracking; stgit works like a charm to maintain a stack of patches like the one I have on top of Patchwork; more positive upstream feedback on some Patchwork changes
<salgado> bad: Still no feedback from upstream on some patches (mostly the non-trivial ones)
<salgado> plan: Continue work on PatchTracking; couple holidays next week and conference leave (Pycon US) after that
<salgado> change: Nothing
<james_w> ok, does that mean that patch tracking will take ~10days off?
<salgado> almost; I'll be working Wednesday next week
<james_w> ok
<james_w> is your patchwork tree accessible publicly anywhere?
<salgado> james_w, yep
<james_w> and is there anything blocking an initial deployment of your work?
<salgado> no
<james_w> or indeed anything that is particularly urgent?
<james_w> I guess we should deploy from your tree?
<salgado> yes, we'll have to deploy from my tree
<james_w> ok
<salgado> because even the patches that upstream accepted haven't been merged yet
<james_w> ACTION: james_w to co-ordinate deployment of salgado's patchwork tree in his absence
<salgado> do you think IS might deploy next week?
<james_w> plus I'll email you about the metrics stuff
<salgado> ok, cool
<james_w> I don't know, I just want to be prepared if they can
<salgado> I've been writing some more docs about our deployment
<james_w> [ACTION] james_w to co-ordinate deployment of salgado's patchwork tree in his absence
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  james_w to co-ordinate deployment of salgado's patchwork tree in his absence
<james_w> there we go
<james_w> [ACTION] james_w to email salgado about patch metrics
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  james_w to email salgado about patch metrics
<james_w> plus a couple I forgot from earlier
<james_w> [ACTION] james_w to get deepti a machine to host jenkins
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  james_w to get deepti a machine to host jenkins
<james_w> [ACTION] mabac to request reviews for some svammel changes, and review some code from other team members
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  mabac to request reviews for some svammel changes, and review some code from other team members
<james_w> salgado, would you send those docs to the RT ticket when they are done?
<salgado> james_w, definitely
<james_w> thanks
<salgado> james_w, although I'm keeping them in my tree
<james_w> [ACTION] salgado to send deployment docs to the patchwork RT ticket when ready
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  salgado to send deployment docs to the patchwork RT ticket when ready
<james_w> thanks salgado 
<james_w> [PROGRESS REPORT] James
<Mootbot-UK> Progress Report:  James
<james_w> Good: everyone seems to be very happy with the changes, and there are few outstanding requests of high urgency, the main one being the bug-workitems branch that I have awaiting review.
<james_w> Bad: lots of email to get through after taking a few days off
<james_w> Plan: wrap up project (again), dig out of the email hole and ensure that everyone has everything they need again
<james_w> Change: nothing
<james_w> any questions?
<mabac> nope
<salgado> no
<deepti> james_w: I wanted to inform everyone that I ll be taking leave on next friday as I need to travel to my native for some personal work.. I will be taking couple of leaves again towards 3rd or 4th week of march ..
<james_w> deepti, ok, thanks for letting us know
<james_w> enjoy the leave :-)
<james_w> [TOPIC] status reports
<Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  status reports
<deepti> james_w: thanks..
<james_w> it has been requested that we do status reports before the meeting
<james_w> for us that would mean sending status reports on Monday/Tuesday, which is a while before the Thursday reporting deadline
<james_w> I don't really mind that, but I wanted to bring it up as maybe Tuesday meetings don't suit some people, and Wednesday/Thursday/Friday would be better
<salgado> that doesn't sound like a problem to me
<james_w> does anyone have any problems with the meetings on Tuesday?
<JamieBennett> details what we want to see on the reports
<james_w> ah, hi JamieBennett 
<JamieBennett> and shows an example
<JamieBennett> hey james_w
<mabac> james_w, no problem for me
* asac notes that meeting on friday might not be well aligned to reporting deadline either because we want to give our PM a chance to discuss the status in the meeting
<JamieBennett> right, before Thursday 12:00 UTC if possible
<james_w> we're already well on top of content, it's just timing that we need to straighten out
<JamieBennett> to take input into the release meeting
<james_w> deepti, any problems with Tuesday for you?
<deepti> james_w: no.. its fine with me..
<james_w> ok
<james_w> so there will be no change this week, but next week I will be requesting the status reports be sent before the meeting
<james_w> [ACTION] james_w to request status reports on Monday
<Mootbot-UK> ACTION received:  james_w to request status reports on Monday
<asac> wed same time seems to be free on meeting calendar
<james_w> [TOPIC] Any Other Business?
<Mootbot-UK> New Topic:  Any Other Business?
<james_w> anyone have anything else they would like to bring up?
<salgado> nope
<james_w> if you haven't seen it yet you should check out which Michael has been working on
<mabac> no
<james_w> it's a javascript layer on top of Jenkins that re-presents the information for a different audience
<deepti> no..
* kan_hu|2 has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia
<james_w> and the "New build..." link will soon let you submit new android builds at the click of a button
<mabac> nice
<asac> how am i supposed i get to the folder with the build artficats by date?
<james_w> I don't think that's implemented yet
<asac> kk
<james_w> the other thing I wanted to mention is that this week we added some more information to the front of
<james_w> this means that management and partners will be more easily be able to see where a project appears to be behind
<james_w> in order that we get credit for what we are working on, I want to ensure that each of us is recording our work
<james_w> if you aren't currently working to a set of workitems on a blueprint that is tracked at then please speak up and we'll work out what to do
<james_w> outside the meeting though, drop me an email or grab me on IRC
<james_w> that's all I have, so thanks for your time everyone

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