August 30. 2010

People Present

  • ismith
  • james_w
  • mwhudson
  • plars
  • salgado
  • scottb
  • zyga


  • Roll call
  • Miscellaneous team business
  • Changes in team focus
  • Changes in team processes.
  • Next cycle



    Michael Hope

    Tool chain working group wish list


    Support benchmarking ARM GCC vs Atom GCC. Normalized for MHz and code size. QA tools (tests, dashboard views, derived archives, archive rebuilds).


    Support validation of GCC, GAS, GLD. QA tools (tests, dashboard views, derived archives, archive rebuilds). Run CSIBE testsuite in QA infrastructure.

    T15, 16

    Support validation framework for performance events, instrumentation trace. QA tools (tests, dashboard views). Supports work with instrumentation trace.


    Support LTP use in kernel consolidation WG

    M14, M15

    Support use of BootChart in images. QA tools (test, dashboard)

    M11 (Nov)

    Validation framework for X.

    M13 (Nov)

    Validation framework for telephony.

    P7 (Nov)

    Patch management system. There has been some discussion of patch management strategies on linaro-dev, and the Infrastructure team should investigate the possibility of deploying a PatchWork server.

    P10 (Nov)

    Add build infrastructure hooks allowing validation and benchmarking as part of (or as an easily run add on to) the build system. For example, collecting code size information. Also associated 'scoreboard' style visualization tools for this sort of information.


    Launchpad work (archive snapshot, binNMU, (some of these?))


    BuildBot for compiler, binutils, kernel, uboot

Action Items from this Meeting



Assigned to

Organize new starter task for Deepti.

Sept 6, 2010.


Send stakeholder process proposal to group.

Aug 31, 2010.


Ian to attend and report at release meeting when scottb away.

Sept 16, 2010


Support Ian at release meetings.

Sept 16, 2010

entire team

Organize bi-weekly team meetings.



ismith to publish agenda for team meetings.



Ask about Linaro and sysadmins, whether we plan to invest in any




  • New team member: Deepti Kalakeri starts Sept 6. plar to organize her new starter task. scottb to provide info on this process.
  • scottb still has no access to team members objectives. He will try and review those sent by email for Aug 31.
  • Please add serial numbers if you have a board listed on this wiki page:

  • The team will be shifting focus slightly. We will be be organizing QA on behalf of Linaro and taking responsibility for QA tools and infrastructure needed. This includes the current tools in development, isotracker and test procedures to be written on the wiki. plars has been asked to organize this on behalf of the group.
  • kiko has asked we follow a process similar to the LP team. He wants us to reserve 50% of our time for short term projects, and 50% of the time for longer term projects. This will allow us to adjust to emergencies, and other unscheduled requests in the interim without risking the schedule for longer term projects being delayed. James to organize this process and send his proposal out to the team.
  • scottb travelling on landing team business in the next while. Ian to take release meeting for the next two weeks, and other team members should attend to support him if needed.
  • Discussed next cycle work list. This is just a list scottb has gathered and wanted to share with the team. Our actual tasks will come from TSC direction and stakeholder meetings as per the process we put in place. Comment from team that this work looks like a lot of sysadmin work, rather than development work. There is some truth to that, but nothing we see ATM will satisfy the needs of what has been asked for that scottb knows of. Team asked if there has been any discussion of Linaro hiring a sysadmin, or will we use Canonical sysadmins. None to scottb's knowledge, not did he know if Canonical is contractually obligated to provide those services to Linaro. scottb to ask in management meeting.
  • team asked if this meeting was to be a weekly meeting. scottb said no, he'd rather biweekly or monthly. scottb also pointed out it is almost impossible to meet in this manner and have everyone attend due to timezone issues. Deepti could not attend today's meeting as it is 2:30am in India, which is way too late. Today's meeting is also late for ismith and zyga, and fairly early in the morning for mwhudson. team agreed on bi-weekly meetings, to be held alternately at times convenient for some people, but not all. attendance at one of the meetings is necessary, but not both. team members are free to skip if meeting is at an inconvenient time. ismith to be the keeper of the agenda. team members with agenda items should email ismith.

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