Infrastructure Planning Process

The Planning Process is how the Infrastructure team finds tasks to work on. By consulting with the other Linaro teams, and other stakeholders as necessary, the important tasks to work on are identified, and join the queue for implementation.


The Infrastructure planning process is moving from a monthly meeting platform to a process similar to platform groups based on Launchpad and the blueprint paradigm. Interest is low to attend the stakeholder meetings and they have not been well attended.

The following wiki pages will soon become obsolete:

The Infrastructure team gathers work from suggestions from other Linaro teams who require new or improved tools and infrastructure in order to accomplish something, or achieve better results. Although not necessarily tied to a specific release cycle, the work that the team does is crucial for organisational operation and will be tracked through the same mechanism that the development platform teams use, namely Launchpad.


This stakeholder process aims to have the following qualities:

  • A well defined process for requesting that the Infrastructure team do something for you. It may be that you have a great idea for something that would make your team a lot more productive, but you don't have time to work on it as you have milestones to deliver things for. With this process you know exactly how to ask that the Infrastructure team build that tool for you, as that is what we are here for.
  • Predictability - we want to ensure that you know exactly what Infrastructure plans to do for you, and when you can expect to see the results. Without this is is harder to plan your own work, as you do not know when to expect something from us, or if we will get to it at all.
  • A way of tracking the project. Sponsors of Infrastructure projects will be able to see the ongoing status in the same way as other Linaro projects. Any changes to the project will be reported to the required stakeholders by email.
  • We wish to also be able to take on work that comes from ideas at any time. We don't want you to have to wait for a Linaro Connect in order to make the request, and if it is a small thing we would like to be able to start work on it sooner than that as well.


A proposal for an Infrastructure project can be initiated by sending an email to the infrastructure lead Danilo Segan, project manager David Zinman, or platform director Alexander Sack. They will work with you to understand the requirements for the work, estimate the time it will take, and make it work within the time frame that suits your development cycle. Items that have been accepted will be drafted as a blueprint in Launchpand and will be housed in the appropriate project page under the Infrastructure Launchpad project. Blueprints will be targeted at the backlog and then the infrastructure leads will agree on a specific cycle to assign it to. Each blueprint will reflect the current status of the work, with states being

  • Unknown
  • Not started
  • Deferred
  • Blocked
  • Started
  • Slow progress
  • Good progress
  • Beta Available
  • Needs Code Review
  • Deployment
  • Implemented

The states Needs Infrastructure and Informational do not apply to these projects.

Requesting Projects

In order to request a project please email the request to your stakeholder representative. The information that you are asked to provide is:

  • A summary of the project
  • Approval contacts
  • Acceptance criteria
  • What benefit the project will bring to Linaro
  • Who the stakeholders are
  • Any deadlines that would apply (releases, etc., anything else is considered to be ASAP)
  • How long you estimate the work would take (don't worry too much about being exact, we just want your idea of how much work is involved)
  • Who the contact for the work should be

A member of the Infrastructure team will then work with you to flesh out the requirements of the project. Once they are satisfied that they understand the scope of the project it will be added to the list of possible projects, and discussed at the next stakeholder meeting.

Part of the refinement process may involve asking you to reduce the scope of the initial project, in order to deliver something that is still useful to you, but requires less work. Improvements to the initial version can then be scheduled in a similar way, but will require less effort at this stage.

Example proposal

  Subject: [Proposal] Allow a history of changes of blueprints Launchpad
  Stakeholders: Team Leads, Project Managers, Launchpad Users.
  Deadlines: ASAP
  Estimated work: 1 Month
  Contact: David Zinman
  Summary: in order to track changes in blueprints and locate times when errors are made
  we need to see the history of changes made to individual blueprints. This would make 
  it easier to track a specific   change in time and identify the resource to contact. 
  A function that would show the differences between two or more versions would also be
  a welcome addition.


The current stakeholder representatives are:



Project management

Anmar Oueja, Vicky Janicki

Release engineering

Fathi Boudra, David Zinman

Developer Platform

Fathi Boudra

Android Platform

Zach Pfeffer, Vishal Bhoj


Alexander Sack, Fathi Boudra


Alexander Sack


Andy Doan, Michael Hudson

Toolchain working group

Michael Hope, Matthew Gretton-Dann

Kernel consolidation working group

Deepak Saxena

Power management working group

Amit Kucheria

Landing teams

Scott Bambrough

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