Achievements of the Infrastructure team during Connect Q1 2012.


We have led or participated in sessions on the following topics:

  • Supporting UEFI in linaro-image-tools. We now have a plan for making the hwpacks even more generic which will also add support for UEFI as the boot loader.
  • Build service consolidation, where we decided on the action items and process to consolidate our Jenkins-based services, and investigate further how we may port functionality from Offspring to Jenkins.
  • Offspring LAVA integration (will happen on Friday)
  • We have added a lot of cool features to the backlog for
  • We have decided on improvements for pre-download EULA handling to make it more robust so that we are able to display the EULA when and only when it is required to do so when images are downloaded.
  • We had a feedback session about Kernel Continuous Integration and learned that we need a nice user interface and make sure the system is used more than it is currently.
  • Decided on the workflow and interface to Android build configuration version tracking.


We have worked on

  • Work items as first class objects in Launchpad, as a stepping stone towards creating the Monthly Engineering views.
  • Salgado fixed the Offspring bug which was preventing us from building armhf hardware packs
  • Completed migration of Android Build Service artifacts to .
  • Set up and tested an Android build in the Kernel CI system, as the first step towards consolidated service.
  • Improved Android Build UI, making it more clear for the novice users.
  • Improvements on developer's access to Gerrit.
  • Team internal cross-training
  • We worked with the ST-Ericsson Landing Team to fix booting Android from the internal EMMC. A few pieces in place, and some more work we know has to be decided on.
  • (More misc hacking to mention?)

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