0xbench is an integrated Android benchmark suite designed for Android powered devices. The benchmark categories include 2D, 3D, VM, math, and native. More other existing benchmark suites could be integrated in as needed.

0xbenchWeb is the server conjuncted with 0xbench as the presentation of the benchmark results uploaded from devices.

0xbench coverages

  • C library and system call
  • OpenGL|ES
  • 2D canvas
  • Garbage collection in Dalvik

How to launch 0xbench

0xbench can be launched with certain bench categories checked and antorun enabled by command. For example as below command, 0xbench can be launched and run math and vm bench items.

    $ adb shell am start -n org.zeroxlab.benchmark/org.zeroxlab.benchmark.Benchmark --ez 2d true --ez 3d true --ez math true --ez vm true --ez autorun true


  • LibMicro

A portable set of microbenchmarks that executes abundant system calls to measure the performance of different system and library calls (bionic). Since calling system functions directly is required, this benchmark depends on a set of executable files that needs to be deployed in advance. (Which requires root permission of your device) More information on LibMicro can be found here: Project LibMicro, OpenSolaris

  • BYTE UnixBench

A set of benchmark cases originally started development in 1983 updated by many over the years. Byte UnixBench provides the performance of UNIX-like system. More information on Byte UnixBench can be found on Google Code.

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