This discussion will focus on Android code review. Topics will include Gerrit, continuous integration, maintainers, reviewers and validation. We'll focus on integrating the Android development model with Linaro.

The life of a patch at AOSP and Gerrit has the roles Author, Verifier and Approved.

  • Can the Verifyer be a bot?
  • Who should be approver for a git?

Release Note


User stories

  • Submit a patch to a branch and have peers review in Gerrit.
  • A developer wants to verify their patches on all supported boards before pushing them to AOSP or
  • Create a branch on a git in the repo to share code with other developers/testers.
  • Branch the manifest to allow a group of people work efficiently on a topic
  • The Android team wants to review and give the final +2 before a merge to a linaro_ branch to avoid patches we do not have copyright for.


  • Gerrit will be used





Verify patches for all boards


Test/Demo Plan

(This need not be added or completed until the specification is nearing beta.)

Unresolved issues


Additional information



The BP "managing code differences"

Linaro Android contribution process

AOSP workflow

Linaro Contribution Workflow (old spec)

Linaro Contribution Infrastucture (old spec)

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