Key Points for wider discussion

  • none this week.

Team Highlights

  • Grant is now contracting with Linaro 75% time, and will be leading up the device-tree work.
  • All platform-independent Thumb-2 fixes were merged in v2.6.37.
  • Sent out first version of asynchronous (double buffering) mmc-request to mainline
  • Kernel Configuration Management the work and dependencies are now defined.
  • Created Android mirror tree and created an Android+Linaro merge tree
  • Added support for parallel unmap
  • Sent Patches to linux-usb list

Risks / Issues

  • Issue:
    • Some assignees are being redirected by their company to close on hot issues not related to Linaro. This some times can affect or delay Linaro deliverables.
  • Mitigation:
    • Request for recovery plan from the individuals when they are re-assigned and request additional resources for the company's to replace lost time.


  • New starters, staffing changes.
    • Shawn Gao - Freescale , Nishant Kamat - TI, Sanjeev Premi - TI
  • vacations/holidays
    • Paul traveling this week

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