This compiler will include the GCC 4.5 baseline, the CodeSourcery SourceryG++ patch-set, a selection of patches from Ubuntu GCC, and other miscellaneous bug fixes and small features. It is to provide the basis for future Linaro GCC 4.5 development work.

Release Note

Initial release of Linaro GCC 4.5.


The initial compiler release must include all of the features of the upstream GCC 4.5, the CodeSourcery compiler, and some features from Ubuntu GCC. First and foremost, it must be a stable tool that can be used to build the next x86 amd64 and armel Ubuntu distributions.

For this reason, the initial GCC project must be completed before any other compiler work can be allowed to destabilize the source.


This compiler will be used as the secondary experimental compiler for x86, amd64 and armel Ubuntu.


The compiler will be built from:

  • GCC 4.5.
  • CodeSourcery SourceryG++ Lite Edition for ARM GNU/Linux.

    • The 4.5 release is not due for release until 2010q3, so the initial Linaro 4.5 will have the SG++ GCC 4.4 patches merged into GCC 4.5. A very similar patch set will also form the basis of the next SG++ release.
  • Ubuntu GCC patches.
  • Additional new patches to:
    • Provide configuration options for specifying the sysroot locations.
    • Provide built-in predefined macros for Hard or Soft FP ABIs.
    • Fix any critical bugs encountered during development and testing.
  • Patches backported from upstream GCC.
    • Details TBC.

Additionally, any Ubuntu GCC patches that conflict with Linaro patches will be adjusted to compensate.


All patches will be delivered as individual changesets. In contrast to the GCC 4.4 project, this includes the CodeSourcery SG++ patches (patches which are not (yet) suitable for external consumption must be omitted).

The new patches will match those used for the Initial-4.4 compiler.

All patches will be peer reviewed, and tested by running the GCC testsuites before applying them to the sourcebase.


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