QEMU Backlog

This backlog for QEMU lists a set of blueprints which correspond to work we've thought about doing but are not currently doing and don't have any concrete plans to start on yet either.

Current Blueprints

OMAP3 upstreaming blueprints: a genuine backlog item. We really ought to get round to this to reduce our ongoing maintenance/faff workload for qemu-linaro, but it's a moderate amount of effort to do so.

TrustZone related issues: there is occasional interest from outside Linaro in getting this done, but it's not on our current roadmap.

AArch32 v8 instructions: this is probably going to be done soon:

Testing improvements: a noble and eternal aspiration:

Linux-user related issues: we never got any specific OBS related info, so this should really be converted into a general "fix linux-user (notably multithreaded guest binary) problems" item.

Performance issues of various kinds: my suggestion is that we should close all of these as being a mix of no longer relevant, overly-specific and excessively blue-sky. [The i/o stalls are no longer a huge issue now upstream defaults to caching for sd cards, a lot of the low-hanging arm frontend performance has been done by other people upstream, and the prototype-traces idea is really a 3-6 month research project which I don't think there's ever going to be much appetite for in Linaro.]

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