These pages track the outputs of the group and give information on what the result was, where to find it, and what the next steps might be.

We also track changes made to GCC over the quarters:

Some features of interest are:

The following outputs don't have write-ups:

  • Hardware watchpoints
  • IFUNC support
  • String routines
  • QEMU BeagleBoard support

  • GDB gross correctness/testsuite summary
  • GCC in distros (4.4, 4.5, 4.6)
  • ltrace
  • libffi
  • valgrind
  • PGO
  • GCC optimisations (SMS, vectoriser, intrinsics, shrink wrap, extension elimination, others)
  • GCC correctness (bugs found, bugs closed)

There's also a /Template for new reports.

All sub pages:

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