This page describes how Toolchain outputs are named.


For all outputs:

  • Releases are called

  • The tarball has a single root directory called

  • The built program reports as series and by some means

  • If a respin is needed then a suffix is added. The suffix of the first respin is -1.

Most outputs have a single series such as '7.3' or 'trunk'. For these:

  • Milestones are called and logged under the current series

  • Blueprints are targeted to this milestone

GCC runs both a development and maintenance series at the same time. For this and other multi-series products:

  • Milestones are called '` and logged under each active series
  • Blueprints are targeted to the milestone of the development series


Linaro QEMU has a single series. Upstream has not done a 1.0 release, so the Launchpad series is called 'trunk'. Upstream has done many pre-1.0 releases, so the release tarball is named after the pre-release it is based on.

  • Last upstream pre-release: 0.15
  • Series: trunk
  • Milestone: 2011.08
  • Release: qemu-linaro-0.15.50-2011.08.tar.bz2

  • Root directory: qemu-linaro-0.15.50-2011.08

  • Reports as 0.15 and 2011.08

Linaro GCC has a 4.6 development series. This is based on the upstream 4.6 release branch.

  • Series: 4.6
  • Milestone: 4.6-2011.09
  • Release: gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.09.tar.bz2

  • Root directory: gcc-linaro-4.6-2011.09

  • Reports as: 4.6-2011.09

Linaro GCC 4.5 2011.10 is found to have a critical fault that warrants a respin. A new milestone is created to track the bug and fix. This is the first respin against this monthly milestone.

  • Series: 4.5
  • Milestone: 4.5-2011.10-1
  • Release: gcc-linaro-4.5-2011.10-1.tar.bz2

  • Root directory: gcc-linaro-4.5-2011.10-1

  • Reports as: 4.5-2011.10-1

Development versions

We follow the Debian version conventions. A development version string must be 'less than' the next release version.

The checked in version shall report as 'leading up' to the next respin. The format is:

  • [product-][series-]

where product and series are optional depending on the upstream convention.

For example:

  • Make the gcc-linaro 4.6-2011.11 release, then mark version control as 4.6-2011.11-1~dev

  • Make the gdb-linaro 7.2-2011.12-2 respin, then mark version control as 7.2-2011.12-3~dev

  • Create the tree that leads up to the first gdb-linaro 7.3 release due in 2012.01. Mark version control as 7.3-2012.01~dev.

Note that '~' means 'before' and '+' means 'after'. You can use dpkg --compare-versions 2011.10-1~dev lt 2011.10-1 to compare version strings)

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