Multiarch 2012-03-22

From Michael's email:

I'm happy to make changes. Here's what I need:

  • Runs on the top four Linux desktop distros (plus RHEL)
  • The state of the art in performance (hard float + A9)
  • Support for one target distro
  • Installable by an unprivileged user
  • No feature regressions. If we change triplets, we change it once

Here's what I'd like:

  • No hard break in compatibility
  • Usable across a product range, including non Cortex-As
  • The fastest Cortex-A15 configuration
  • Not prohibit dropping in a Fedora or other ARMv7 hardfloat sysroot
  • No surprises. The same command should give the same output, no

matter who supplies it

which means:

  • Multilib for the non-ABI variants
  • A armv4t libgcc for u-boot
  • Enough support so an end user can drop in a softfp sysroot and use it

Packages that just take *eabi

Went into the reasons behind multiarch.

Michael agrees that multiarch is valid and that Linaro should have one approach.

Need the changes to go upstream, but it's not toolchain's to drive.

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