Monday 12th December 2011

This month's meetings

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  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Release week follow up
    • Problems
    • What needs to be documented
  • Alignment on vectorised loads and stores
  • cdce3.C execution test failure
  • OpenOCD investigation
  • The 4.6 release branch
  • O3 progress

Action Items from this Meeting

  • TBA

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • INPROGRESS: Andrew to try Julian again on 675347
  • DONE: Ramana to backport A15 and VCVT patches from upstream.
  • DONE: Andrew to spin GCC releases on Tuesday.
  • DONE: Dave to merge 64 bit operations for this month's release


Release week follow up:

  • What needs documentation/polish?
  • ubutest and benchmarking
    • Couldn't find the logs!
    • Couldn't find the benchmarking results for anything but ARM
    • glibc and python tests failed
    • Did not complete building the package
    • Dependency on a newer libgcc?
    • So why did the 4.5 one fail?
    • During the shlibs deps stage
  • Had trouble with the key signing, Ulrich helped
    • Tidy up perhaps?
    • Needs documentation
    • ACTION: Andrew to update release notes to match
  • Is there an easy way to disable biarch?
    • ACTION: Michael to patch to disable biarch
  • Ramana isn't happy doing it by himself
    • Run again after removing the wrinkles
  • Liked the idea of sending the release notes out early
    • Start doing as a wiki page
    • Perhaps have a release note entry with every interesting checkin
    • Or an extra line in the ChangeLog?

    • ...which is partly due to RCS in the dim distant past

Alignment on vectorised loads and stores:

  • Ramana has been having a look at it
  • Bug in test case with 128 bit alignment
  • Working on backend to generate the vld1 instructions
  • Why was it generating vldmia?
    • Memory model/ABI requires that you use something equivalent to vldm
    • ...which is vld1 in little endian
    • as external vector format is *always* lowest vector lane goes into lane 0 when parameter passing
    • which is different in big endian GCC
  • Don't expect to regress A8 performance
  • Dave has seen cases where a [r0:256] gives him a cycle back
  • ACTION: Michael to spin a template blueprint

cdce3.C execution test failure:

  • Has been seen many times
  • Can repeat
  • Need to repeat locally, grab the executable
  • See if the problem goes away with a sequential build

O3 progress:

  • OpenEmbedded

    • Building minimal image - kernel and shell and not much more
    • Builds with the CSL binary compiler
    • Once we hit a certain number of packages, switch to Linaro
    • Switch to a A9 Thumb-2 NEON configuration
  • Outline of the writeup
  • Benchmarks
  • Performance regressions
    • Do we know enough about the regressions at -O3?
    • Want to at least understand all the significant regressions
    • Was Connect better? Can we reproduce that
      • For next time want .i files, perf, and similar
      • With those it might be as good remotely
  • Doing perf
    • Perhaps do by hand
    • Perhaps do automatically in the future?
  • Partial PRE
    • Back/cross porting from the PR
    • Has to do on trunk as well

Release branches:

  • FSF has complained
  • Debian needs these...
  • Fedora needs these...
  • ACTION: Michael and Richard to send an email to the other ARM branches proposing something

Binary toolchain:

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