Monday 22nd August 2011

This month's meetings

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  • Review action items from last meeting
  • LLVM Developers' Meeting Nov 18

  • People to invite for Connect Oct 31
  • 'ARM C Language Extensions'
  • KVM forum
  • QEMU I/O stalls
  • Dev benchmarks

Action Items from this Meeting

  • ACTION: Andrew to send Martin an email re: things being OK
  • ACTION: Michael will run the stable merge tomorrow
  • ACTION: Michael to postpone the meeting by a day

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • ACTION: Andrew to contact Martin Pool re: bzr issues
  • DONE: Michael to do libav instrumentation by the end of the week


bzr issues:

  • They have sorted themselves out, assume on Launchpad end
  • Re-ran and couldn't repeat the problem
  • ACTION: Andrew to send Martin an email re: things being OK


  • Partly done, what's next?
  • Richard will pull some functions out, actual data doesn't matter much
  • No need to instrument and pull out example data as many things to do

LLVM Dev Meeting:

  • Noted that it's coming up
  • GCC summit may be a lot later in the year
  • Is messy - can we help?
    • Guy who organises it has limited time


  • Far away, but think about people who we could invite

ARM C Language Extensions:

  • Any volunteers?
  • Will be made public, don't want to circulate as a late draft
  • Richard would like a look
  • Pass on to people like Joesph?
  • Andrew will forward to the CSL ARM list

KVM forum:

  • Week with first two days being the KVM summit
  • Rest was Linux Con North America but the same people where there
  • Core developers and many users, presentations were mixed
  • Some at the feature level, some at the implementation level
  • ARM and Linaro got a few mentions in the keynotes (nice)
  • Good to meet the people, discuss in person
    • Discussed the device model
    • qdev works OK for hotplugged stuff
    • Harder for the many things you see in an embedded chip
    • Last 10 % is the hard bit
  • Linux Con not so much

Dev benchmarks:

  • Michael and Ramana have been talking
  • Re-baselining the Pandas
  • Will enable EEMBC, DENBench, and CoreMark with each build

  • Try some type of reporting
  • Can run other variants manually

Stable branch:

  • Matthias is wondering what is happening
  • ACTION: Michael will run the merge tomorrow


  • fftw has an issue: Error: invalid constant (1000) after fixup

  • Has been kicked off, others will log tickets


  • Next Monday is a UK holiday
  • ACTION: Michael to postpone the meeting by a day

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