Wednesday 15th December 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Stand up call



  • Releases went OK
  • Changed how the GCC version number is reported by changing the defaults
  • GCC optimisation call


  • Trying to get bootstrap going on GCC mainline, can now
  • Will bootstrap and regression test the debug line number generation patch


  • Continuing on libunwind
  • Small amount of work on ltrace, patches to get the release done
  • Created a readelf clone that just does the unwinding, can do basically the same output


  • Started getting SPEC building on silverbell
  • Some of the tools are prebuilt, trying to re-build
  • Michael: has an orion board, now on his network


  • Working on element load and store intrinsics patch
  • Basic idea seems to work OK, need to flesh out to the full range of intrinsics


  • Set up wiki page regarding ftrace, now moving onto kernel crash utility
  • Hard to create kernel memory dump
  • Talking with Nicholas about looking into it
  • Optimised sync has been posted to gcc-patches, see how it goes


  • Finished OMAP GPMC prefetch code, sent merge request, has been merged
  • Cosmetic bug to stop SDIO error messages appearing
  • Looking into qemu continious integration
  • Talking about pulling qemu-maemo into Ubuntu proper

Richard Sandiford:

  • Continuing with IFUNC
  • Trying to reproduce the problem with chromium-browser


  • Continuing from last week
  • Starting with James Westby, who's creating a new burndown page, and reviewing
  • Demoed using BiRT against blueprint data


  • Benchmarks, automation, and running tests against historical builds

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