Monday 13th December 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Tomorrow's release
    • GCC
    • GDB
  • Performance brainstorm
  • Christmas holidays
  • Sprint
  • Mainline not bootstrapping
    • Ken's notes on two patches bringing it back up
  • Dropped threads
    • -mimplicit-it
    • Inline NEON code

Action Items from this Meeting

  • None

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Michael: ask for a account for Dave: INPROGRESS
  • Michael: will ask asac to talk with Linux Foundation about QEMU user mode: DONE
  • Michael: to get SPEC to Dave: DONE
  • Michael to open the copyright assignment discussion one more time: TODO


Reviewed the action items from last week.


  • GCC
    • Is looking good
    • Testsuite shows improvements over last release through re-syncing
    • Michael will finish tomorrow
  • GDB
    • Note that there've been no changes this month
    • Are there patches lurking?
    • Ulrich has a patch pending for ARM exception unwind support

Setting the GCC version numbers:

  • Andrew: Will change by setting the default package version string

Performance brainstorm:

  • Michael doesn't need to be there - make it convenient for youselves
  • Question on unrolling:
    • 4.4 unrolls crcu8, 4.5 doesn't. Why?
    • Richard, AMS: normally due to some other pass changing the input to the unroller
    • Add to brainstorm list
  • Andrew:
    • People should come prepared
    • How can we pick the most worthwhile?
    • Fire out ideas, or look at a few in detail?
    • Is it a discussion or brainstorm?
    • Michael suggests treating as a summit session
    • Group picked the Wednesday time


  • Fill in Linaro leaves. Open the Linaro Google Docs, search for '2010 Christmas Holidays', and fill yours in
  • Used to see when people are here to see what meetings to cancel
  • Michael will make sure we have one before the sprint


  • Please send Michael an email if not going

Mainline not bootstrapping:

  • Ken: two patches do bring it back up
  • Andrew: see his activity report
  • DTOR_LIST has been approved, but not yet committed
  • libquadmath has issues with configuring cross compilers
  • Second patch is pending review
  • Richard can't as it's not an area he can review. Will ping Richard Guenther


  • Recap: dropped from 4.5. Linaro Foundations will do work to fix upstream packages

Inline NEON code:

  • .fpu neon directive is a global
  • Affects the attributes an object is built with
  • Setting the directive 'Reflects user intentions'
  • Another example is building code VFP clean, but want to use VFP in certain parts
  • ARM is looking at adding a 'trust me' attribute
    • Causes the linker to just use the module, turn of checking
    • Expect an answer in Jan
  • More of a meta question, why have attibues at all?
    • Make sense for Thumb vs ARM
    • Use depends on systems:
      • Some pick up objects based attributes
      • Better way of picking up variants than multiple library builds
      • Allows a sparse version
  • Long term is per function attributes
  • Add syntax to set attributes on sections or symbols
  • #pragma/attribute on choosing functions to be in Thumb or ARM mode
    • Kind of working on MIPS16/normal MIPS
    • Does this require the same infrastructure?
    • No, as ARM vs Thumb should really be the choice of the compiler, but historically isn't

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