Wednesday 9th December 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Standup call



  • Looking at libffi for hard float
  • Now have a hard float installation going
    • Using multistrap (like debootstrap but harder)
  • Talking with Marcus Shawcroft and has a good idea of doing it
  • silverbell has stability issues, probably network
    • Might be general instead of specific to that board
    • Having trouble downloading spec
    • Michael to get Dave a account


  • Figuring out how to built deb package from Linaro Linux git
  • Investigating ftrace. Doing small tests on the different areas
  • All seem to be functional


  • Been away, some IBM work


  • More QEMU
  • Took part in the OBS mini-sprint
    • Basics of working with OBS
    • Put in Linaro GCC, hit 'rebuild'
  • Reviewing patches, sending patches
  • Random instruction generator is now up in git
  • Ran into a VSQRT problem where floating point mode flags are ignored
    • QEMU calls a floating point emulation mode that has flush to zero etc support
    • Not sending floating point mode flags out to this function
    • Normally don't notice as the defaults line up
    • Notice in NEON as it's always flush to zero


  • Trying to analyse open source project management tools
  • Launchpad is missing planning
  • Working on data from ex.seabright on blueprints
  • Going to create/merge a 'getting started' page for new engineers


  • Making slow progress on ARM specific unwinding
  • Has code to look up and parse exception tables
  • Touching ltrace again as upstream is getting close to a release
  • Sent patch to binutils to finish off some opcode decoding


  • Working on quadword/big endin fix. Now working on mainline
  • Improving code for NEON load/store intrinsics


  • Mainly benchmarks

From Ulrich via email:

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