Monday 6th December 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • Michael: will ask asac to talk with Linux Foundation about QEMU user mode
  • Everyone: Start thinking about sprint topics
  • Michael: to get SPEC to Dave
  • Michael to open the copyright assignment discussion one more time

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Richard Earnshaw to check if RVDS has sync primitives, and if not when



  • Michael sees it as low priority
  • Is being seen in the wild, biting MeeGo now and again

  • Dave: is being used in linaro-media-create
  • Michael: will ask asac to talk with Linux Foundation


  • Richard was unavailable

Next week's release:

685534 gtkwav ftbfs with gcc-linaro 4.5 on amd64

  • Chung-Lin will investigate

683683 busybox init fails:

  • Michael is looking for volunteers to pick this one up


  • Julian - will ping again
  • Has a work-around
  • Makes the code more correct
  • Julian: to ping again


  • Tested with gcc-linaro
  • Upstream is broken at the moment
  • Checkout before Oct 26 then things are OK
  • After that glibc fails to build
  • Cross building libquadmath fails related to Fortran
  • Andrew to have a look
  • Michael: Ken, once GCC builds please send patch upstream


  • Needs to go upstream first


  • Michael finished writing up the basic process at WorkingGroups/ToolChain/NewStaff

  • Andrew: when a merge request comes in, could others review as well
  • Michael: to update the flow when there's upstream involvement


  • Peter to close out blueprint
  • Michael to create ticket against Ubuntu for updating

String routines:

  • What is phase 1?
  • Dave: happy with the numbers so far
    • Can't show a system level improvement
    • Want SPEC or EEMBC
  • Has looked at routines that take single addresses
  • Michael: to get SPEC to Dave
  • Can use Ken & Ulrich's Versatile Express

  • Existing routines by ARM:
    • 'Restricted' copyright
    • For other uses, once you've assigned the copyright it's no longer yours
    • Michael to open the copyright assignment discussion one more time


  • Everyone together in one place. Great for discussions.
  • Start thinking about topics
  • Michael to mark that he's attending

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