Wednesday 2nd December 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Stand up call



  • Continuing on IFUNC
  • Has hit a generic bug in GAS, doing more test cases
  • Michael: end-to-end demo is a good place to stop
  • Michael: adding regression tests is good value


  • QEMU's locking issues when running user mode multi-threaded code
  • Seems to be broken, may apply to system mode
  • Nathan from CSL has been reviewing things


  • Running string routines in a package build of glibc
  • Hitting bits of code in the non-aligned cases, looking at those
  • Versatile Express: doesn't have perf as image build doesn't have that
    • Has filed a bug
    • Michael: can ping if needed


  • Continuing on using ARM unwind in GDB
  • Posted an updated version
  • Michael: what's the performance like?
    • GDB assumes you have an executable file vs profiling where not everything is mapped
    • Backtrace: you don't have the whole image in memory
  • Now has IGEPv2 boards


  • Carrying on on big-endian quad-word NEON patch
  • Still some way to go
  • Today looking at old patches such as the Qt volatile bug
  • Discussing representations of fancy load/stores with Ira


  • Push within Linaro to use real PM tools/techniques to plug gaps between blueprints
  • Made draft template of higher up presentation



  • Continuing on libunwind
  • Working on code that maps in ARM unwind tables and scans through
  • Many little things, like offsets being out by 16 bytes

Gary from Qualcomm says hi

  • BSquare will have a board available soon
  • Scorpion UP
  • Michael: will ask for a couple for Dave

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