Wednesday 25th August 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

Action Items from Previous Meeting



  • Beginning on backporting known 4.6 features into Linaro
  • ACTION: Chung-Lin to shift the CSL backport list out onto the Linaro wiki


  • Investigating the Thumb-1 libstdc++ failure
  • Seems to be real
  • Binutils patch is going upstream


  • Ran into a QEMU internal error
  • Turns out that QEMU doesn't handle certain illegal instructions
  • Good introduction to the QEMU internals
  • Working on a Versatile PP96
  • Will then test Amit's kernel patches
  • Will write up virtio


  • Backporting his the GDB trunk patches to 7.2
  • Cannot reproduce some of the GDB issues. Marking as invalid until they appear again
  • Working on single stepping. Identified the problem, fixed it in the wrong way. Still under review


  • Has caught up on the patches
  • Anything past here is new development
  • Will begin moving across Ubuntu's 4.5 patches


  • ACTION: Michael to see about doing an archive rebuild with 4.5
  • Still working on strings

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