Friday 20th August 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • ACTION: Peter to broach having a QEMU specific configuration with the kernel team

Action Items from Previous Meeting


  • Yao
    • Continues on GDB bugs
    • Patching upstream
    • Seeing the same failures on Loic's and Michael's boards
  • Andrew
    • Sent out his thoughts on patch tracking
    • Sending the Cortex-A5 changes upstream
    • Concerned about back porting too much from 4.6. Will discuss on Monday.
  • Julian
    • Fleshing out some of the vecotrisation
    • Looking at vector conditionalising
    • Seeing segfaults on libsigc++
    • Michael mentioned that IBM are interested in the vectorisation area
  • Peter
    • Has been researching the ARM development boards
    • Trying to find a good set with PCI support, good kernel, good QEMU
    • Michael said that a fake, always good platform would be fine
    • Peter isn't sure if the kernel team would be happy
    • ACTION: Peter to broach the subject with the kernel team
    • Trying to find real hardware to test kernel team patches
  • Ulrich
    • Looking at the various symptoms on multithreaded applications
    • Loic has assigned some of the bugs to the kernel team
    • Kernel stub area issue:
      • GDB can't analyse that area
    • Long jump and thumb bits
      • Discussing with ARM
    • Two unexplained issues left
  • Chung-Lin
    • Running soft vs hard float on a well-known benchmark
    • Has a few numbers so far on a VFP-d16 Cortex A8 system
    • 2.2 % improvement on the office automation
    • Marginal improvement on automotive
    • Loic noted that OpenGL, Povray, and a MP3 encoder may be interesting
  • Michael
    • Looking at eglibc add-ons for strings
    • Licensing is still the main issue
    • Looking at better reporting to the TSC

Next meeting is the weekly meeting on 2010-08-23 on the public code.

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