Wednesday 18th August 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • DONE: Michael to think about synchronising Linaro releases with upstream
  • DONE: Michael to organise a call with Matthias, Loic to continue the topic
  • DONE: Michael to write up and email patch tracker mechanics for review
  • DONE: Ulrich to add his time away to the Linaro calendar
  • ACTION: Michael and Ulrich to add GDB new features as blueprints to Launchpad
  • ACTION: Andrew to look into frequent runs of CSL benchmarks
  • ACTION: Michael to make sure Linaro has a FSF copyright assignment agreement


  • Michael
    • Continuing on patch tracking
    • Continuing investigating string routines
    • Julican noted that using NEON adds power usage and adds a context switch cost
  • Andrew
    • Has a few patches left to go
    • The ones left are a bit curlier
    • Reviewing the upstream state of the current patches
    • Will be sending the Cortex-A5 work upstream
  • Yao
    • is continuing with the GDB bug fixes
    • Most are caused by the testsuite
    • Michael noted that we want to make any work we do available early. If landing on trunk, either backport to 7.2 or note for later pulling into our branch
  • Ulrich
    • Working on bugs such as:
      • Tracking thumb bit on a long jump
      • Tracing in the kernel stubs
    • Is currently working upstream
    • Mentioned the ICACHE flush problem seen on Michael's board
      • ACTION: Michael will try to upgrade the kernel from Angstrom 2.6.32 to a Linaro kernel
  • Peter
    • Continues on virtio and QEMU
    • Network benchmark currently shows virtio performing worse than emulated
    • Looking upstream to see if this problem exists
    • Still waiting on approval to release work. Richard will take care of next week
  • Chung-Lin
    • Starting on hard vs soft FP performance tests
    • Testing on a i.MX51 board
    • Michael wants Chung-Lin to finish up on libffi soon
  • Julian
    • Working on a vector conditions patch
    • Currently seeing a segfault in compiled applications
    • ACTION: Michael will re-try the build failures that Julian saw by the end of this week

Next meeting is a stand-up meeting on 2010-08-20 on the public code.

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